Wrong Age to Potty Train
Lazy Parents?

Are some parents lazy or are some kids just not ready at their age to potty train? What are the reasons parents choose to potty train late? Or is it the child that chooses late potty training?

Outsiders looking in on a situation an older child is still happily in diapers sometimes tend to assume that parents aren’t doing. Many people feel that there's no reason a child under the care of parents should be delayed with using the potty. Now while there may be genuine cases where parents aren’t doing enough, there are also many cases where kids just simple aren’t ready at their age to potty train.

Sometimes a parents laid-back approach is what onlookers presume to be laziness on the part of the parent. It would help if parents set milestones for their child to eventually achieve successful potty training.

Experts in the field of child development use the term "older child" to describe children 3 years and older. By this age, it is expected that children would have mastered certain developmental skills, including using the potty. However, the reality is that many older children still are still in diapers. This can cause some concern and stress for parents because it would appear to them that their children are experiencing developmental issues.

However, this is not necessarily the case. There are many cases where older children aren’t where they need to be where potty training is concerned. If you have determined that there are no neurological issues affecting your child's development, you can rest assured that there are tips available to help you potty train your older child.

Reasons For Choosing To Potty Train an Older Child.

  • Some experts are advocating late potty training.
  • Parents are delaying ditching diapers do to potty training fear.
  • Children’s phobias about using the toilet.

Knowing that a child is experiencing a phobia can easily push a parent to take a step back from potty training, simply because they do not want to put any undue pressure on the child. Toilet phobia is a real issue for kids, especially older kids, and it prevents youngsters from wanting to use the toilet or potty. But as they get older and become more conscious of their body and feelings, the phobia becomes more severe.

Past The Age To Potty Train?

Some parents are in need of outside potty training help because they are facing difficult potty training, potty training older child, just don't have the time and patience or simply prefer to spend time with their little darling doing other things than potty training.

Sometimes it is the case of a parent who puts his or her priorities elsewhere then on potty training and sometimes its just not the right age to potty train for this particular child. But honestly, who are we to judge as outsiders? And if you are the one worried if it’s something you are not doing enough if your child doesn’t seem to be ready for potty training before 3, don’t worry too much. He isn’t the first and won't be the last to potty train! Take your time with training and he'll eventually come around.

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