Anatomical Potty Chairs

Among the other types of training equipment on the market, an anatomical seat is realistically the simplest. There are no bells or whistles, just a one-piece seat designed to meet the curves of younger children just starting to train. They’re made from molded plastic in one piece to improve the overall hygienic qualities. Nonetheless they’re small and light enough to go from floor to cleaning with very little fuss.

When you and your baby are ready to begin toilet training there’s a lot to consider, not the least of which is why type of potty chair is best for you. There are so many different ones from wooden potty seats, anatomical potty chairs and portable chairs to seats with trays and a book or toy storage unit. Even parents who have had children before can find this task daunting because each child is unique – and what type of trainer chair they take to readily can be vastly different than previous toddlers.

We have researched, surveyed parents and tried several one piece anatomical potty chairs before we came up with a short list of favorites.

These potties are a favorite of the early potty training community as they are designed to fit smaller tushies. We would particularly encourage you to look at the biodegradable Eco potties made out of natural plant fibers.

  • We like the fact that these potty are very simple. We have one always in the car with us and we put it in the tray under the stroller when we go out for walks.
  • Easy to clean - no hidden crevices for germs

We like that they are close to the ground and sturdy. Also, the squat-like position of some of the models makes it easier for the child to eliminate. No more worries of the child feeling insecure or falling. That sense of security provides two benefits: the child will usually be willing to sit longer knowing that they’re safe. Additionally a child who LIKES their toilet seat tends to use it more readily.

For parents with easily distracted children, the simplicity of design means keeping them focused on the task at hand.

For parents of boys, some parents do not like splash guards - there are always complaints of the munchkin getting hurt or of the contraption falling of or in to the potty. This type of potty chair does not need it.

The smaller and narrow design make it easier to use it with out having to take of your toddler's pantspants. Even at two years old some children remain smaller, wearing significantly different sized training pants than their peers.

The models with a higher back give more comfort, balance and sturdiness.

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