Baby Bjorn Potty

Small, Light, Sturdy and Comfortable Baby Bjorn Little Potty

Baby Bjorn Potty review and Our Story , it all started when our Little Darling was about two and a half months old.

When looking to purchase a potty you soon enough discover that there is a plethora of choices on the market.

After extensive research I settled on the BABYBJÖRN Little Potty - White as it appeared to be a top favorite of the infant potty training community.

It was not all smooth sailing. The label on the Baby Bjorn Little Potty indicates that all children are unique. This company’s philosophy is admirable – but it was rather confusing when I was trying to find the right potty chair for my baby (I was also new to infant potty training) and I could not figure out if this chair would “fit” properly.

I wish the company at least provided a weight indication – if not age. In the end I started using the Baby Bjorn Little Potty when my Little Darling was 2.5 months old but I would use my hands to support him. So basically I was applying the in arms position but using the potty to support my hands. When my little darling became big enough that he could sit directly on the potty I would still sit behind him on the floor so I could support him. He would lean back and I would use my arms and to support him before he was able to sit on his own.

Once he had the sitting under control I moved to the front but still provided support when needed. This is also when I started to use the sign for potty.

Baby Bjorn Little Potty

  • Pros: Small, light, sturdy and comfortable. Low design so baby is in squat like position with feet on the floor. Great for travel.
  • Cons: Made out of a single piece of plastic with no removable dish which complicates cleaning. No rubber lining so my toddler scoots around all over the room.
BABYBJÖRN Little Potty - White has been discontinued but you can still purchase it on Amazon.

When our little darling gained enough stability when sitting we started using the BABY BJORN Potty Seat. As with all toilet seat reducers it’s more convenient as the elimination goes directly to the toilet so no cleaning required but child can not put his feet on the ground which is no problem for pee but useful for other elimination.

We upgraded to BABY BJORN Potty Chair once his legs got longer and he was stable enough to sit on his own and moved the Baby Bjorn Little Potty to the car where we can use it during car journeys and travel. The only fun part is that now he pushes off with his legs and scoots around the whole room as there is no rubber lining to prevent it. I try to solve this by putting the back of the potty against a wall whenever possible so there is no room for movement.

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