Best Way To Potty Train

Choose Potty Training Based On Your Parenting Style

There is no “best way to potty train”experts can’t agree and the research is missing. The best way is one that suits you and your child. Your personality, philosophies, and lifestyle will have a huge impact on which methods will be best for your situation. Every child is unique and every home is different, so your approach to potty training should be just as customized.

Our purpose is not to promote, sell or discourage any single method or approach.

Little Darling Potty Training is about supplying you with the knowledge about diverse potty training techniques.

We have experimented, researched, organized, simplified and now really want to share all this information with you.

It doesn't have to be complicated – done YOUR best way potty training is an opportunity for bonding and fun! (if bonding and fun are your style ;) )

What Type Of Parent Are You?

I know you don’t have the time to read through hundred of pages so here are the 2 steps to narrow down your required reading and help you decide which is the best way to potty train for you and your little darling.

  1. Select which of those statements best describes your approach to potty training.
  2. Browse the corresponding methods

And remember, we are just guessing - the only person that knows what is best for you is YOU!

Statement 1:

  • My child knows best when he/she is ready to start using the potty.

Best Way To Potty Train For You: The Serene Parent Method.

Statement 2:

  • Babies are born potty trained.

Best Way To Potty Train For You: The Avant-Garde Parent Method.

Statement 3:

  • I'll just wait until they just sorta pick it up because it requires no effort.


  • I'm super BUSY - my little one's potty training can happen gradually as long as I don't have to put a lot of time and effort into the endeavor.

Best Way To Potty Train For You: The Busy Parent Method.

Statement 4:

  • I want my child out of diapers NOW!

Best Way To Potty Train For You: The Effective Parent Method.

The Serene Parent (SP).

The Serene Parent has lots of time and no desire to finish potty training on a schedule. This type of parent often has an abundance of patience to clean up potty accidents. The Serene parent puts their little darling at the center, makes them play an active role in this endeavor and is in tune with their needs and all developmental milestones. The SP believes in toilet learning instead of training and “Likes” Montessori, Spock, Sears or Brazelton on Facebook. Potty training comes easily for the SP although sometimes they might resort to late potty training techniques.

How To Potty Train: An SP should consider easy potty training – child centered potty training techniques.

The Busy Parent (BP).

You don’t have time to hoover over your child for 3 days watching like a hawk for signs that your LO needs to use the potty. You are overworked and over-scheduled, have several to do lists and many responsibilities. In fact you are reading this while simultaneously answering emails, updating Facebook status and juicing oranges.

How to Potty Train: There are two methods a BP should consider first: the using potty naked and the potty training pants methods.

The Avant-Garde Parent (A-GP).

The A-GP will try unconventional and fringe potty training techniques or at least have an open mind when reading about them.

How to Potty Train: You, my dear A-GP, should be reading the EC section.

The Effective Parent (EP).

The fast track method might be best way to potty train for a fast-paced, over-scheduled, multitasking parents who are fed up with diapers and want to have potty training over with quickly. Compared with other options, these techniques are also associated with relatively quick results and an earlier age of completion.

How to Potty Train: The EF has a lot of methods to choose from (one day potty training, 3 day potty training etc). Its best the EF starts by reading potty train in one day and potty training boot camp to get an overview of the approach and decide if it’s a good fit for their child.

Your little darling should pass all the readiness tests and not be too young, or too stubborn. What might sound odd in theory can become a horror in practice. Some children had meltdowns, cried hysterically, regressed and no longer expressed an interest in the potty.

Here are some questions the EP should ask themselves before embarking on a fast track potty training method.

  • Can you handle pee and poo on your floor / carpet?
  • Are you OK with employing small and large gifts, drinks and other bribes?
  • Can you devote a block of time (at least 4 - 6 hours) to focus exclusively on potty training boot camp?

This method is NOT for an EP if ...

  • EP can't bare to see/have made their child cry
  • EP refuses to bribe child with sugary drinks and salty snacks.

An EP must be able to remain calm and patient throughout the process to avoid traumatizing their child.

How To Potty Train: 10+ potty training techniques. Choose what potty potty training methods are congruent with your personality, parenting philosophy, and lifestyle. Choose from efficient, child-centered, effortless or avant-garde potty training.

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