Boon Potty Bench

Kiwi or Raspberry Blue

I have examined and collected intel on the Boon Potty Bench. Here I present my findings to give you a better feel for the benefits of the product and what other parents and toddlers think of it. The market for potty training tools is growing geometrically. That means that parents looking for specific items like a potty bench have a lot of different options from which to choose.

The Basics

This bench is a training potty that offers two side storage spaces. These make a perfect spot for storing your training supplies. There’s also a pull-out drawer for fast clean up. When you close the lid of the potty it becomes a bench that your child can use to reach the sink or even the adult toilet when they’re ready.

  • The bench holds up to 300 pounds
  • Comes with a toilet paper holder and deflector shield
  • Size: about 20” x 13” x 7”.

Highlights – What Makes it Different From Other Products

The Boon Potty Bench is getting solid reviews from parents and toddlers.

The storage area can be used to house toys and potty books besides other training items. Having something with which to play keeps a child on the bench longer, so they can complete the task successfully without fussing.

The splash guard is soft and keeps pee from spilling over the bench onto the floor, although some parents mentioned that it’s a little too small for easily positioning a larger child.

Toddlers say the seat  is comfortable, and parents love the trainer-bench combination. The bench is sturdy enough that children can stand on it to wash their hands. Some parents use it in conjunction with bath time too, sitting on it besides the tub.

The potty bench system can go “on the road” (provided you have the car space) so your little one can have a familiar tool anywhere you go. The unique design and modern look appeal to many modern parents, while others complain that the unit should look more like a traditional toilet to aid with transitioning to a regular toilet.

On the Minus Side:

  • This system does not have a gripping bottom, so it might be best for a bathroom setting where you can put it firmly against a wall for security.
  • The Boon Potty Bench prices out around $35.00, which is a little more expensive than some trainers.

On the bright side you can buy it in kiwi green or in Raspberry Blue light blue hue.

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You can buy the Boon Potty Bench from Amazon for about $30.
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