A Boy Potty For Your Little Darling

A boy potty is a pivotal item to purchase as little boys get to the stage where they start toilet training. I found that selecting a potty chair was a fun part of potty training despite having way too many choices.

Keep the likes and dislikes of your son in consideration when choosing a potty. Encourage your son to take ownership of the potty training process by involving him in selecting the potty.

You might not want them to choose a musical potty or one that's the wrong fit but let him select the color of the model you decided on or at least choose from a preselected few.

Children feel a sense of security when they have something that belongs to only them. Having their personalized potty will inspire trust and allow them to feel more comfortable when it's time to use it.

Boy Potty To Avoid

However there are some models that are just wrong for boys, like she ones where the hole in the seat is way too small. Or sometimes the potty can be just too small all together! I bought a portable - one of those Carry Potty ones and returned it the next day. It might work for some but my baby was too big for it, even though he was only a year old at that time.

The right boy potty will help your son to get comfortable with using the bathroom in the grown-up way. Using his own boy potty that matches his size will aid in making the learning process smoother and more comfortable for him. There's also something personal about having a potty of his own, as opposed to sharing the family toilet.

Finding the Right Potty for Potty Training Boys

1. Make sure that you choose a potty that is made for boys – think splash-guard.

2. Personal preferences - Does he have a favorite color? Or a favorite cartoon character? Does he like to identify shapes or numbers? With these things in mind, you can get him a potty that you know he'll love because it appeals to his personal tastes.

3. Consider getting more then one – we have one in the car, one in the play area, and one in the bathroom we use before bath time and / or before bedtime. If price is a concern IKEA sells them cheap – but they are not as comfortable, so might not be ideal when your son is just starting out.

Tip For Potty Training Boy

A good idea for when your son has mastered using the regular potty is to consider getting him a toddler urinal. This is good for him so as he grows, he also knows how to use those safely and hygienically.

Knowing where to place the potty is also a key part in the potty training process. If there's a set play area, or somewhere near to his sleep area, you should probably put the potty there.

That way, it's within easy reach for you and will eventually be within easy reach for your son when he starts showing independence by wanting to use the potty on his own.

Getting your little boy ready to master potty training should spark all sorts of excitement in you, like the idea of finally being done with diapers. Just remember to give a lot of thought into getting the actual potty so your son feels like it was made just for him.

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