A Boys Potty

Whether your little darling selected one or customized - it will give him a sense of ownership of the potty training process

Use a boys potty to give your little darling a sense of independence and ownership of the potty training process. He can take pride in having his own piece of bathroom furniture that he selected himself or that he can customize. Believe it or not, these behaviors start from very early, even with toddlers.

Choosing a Boy's Potty

Such is the case with his potty, especially if it's made or designed to suit his tastes. It would be a great idea if you could take him along to choose his own potty, because nobody will identify with it more than him if you do. Take him down that aisle in the kiddies store and show a few preselected models or everything that's there. Even if it doesn’t seem like he's making a rational choice, in his little mind he is. Go with whatever catches his attention, and reinforce to him that it's his personal property.

Decorating a Boy’s Potty

Once you've gotten the potty home, you can give some thought to decorating it in a way that would make it appealing to him.

  1. Get some stickers with his favorite action heroes or dinosaurs and work with him to stick them all over the outside of the potty.
  2. Use paints and other accessories to add boyish flare to the design project.
  3. Use Potty Reward stickers to decorate the potty and mark progress.
  4. Consider even putting his name on the boy potty.

Spending time making the potty a personal creation will allow your son to relate to it more.

He'll look at it as something enjoyable instead of something to be feared.

Sure, eliminating outside of diapers and in a potty will take some getting used to, but him having a personal potty will allow him to feel relaxed when using his boy potty.

Personalizing your son's potty is one great way of encouraging usage of the potty. It will be pretty, self-designed and owned, and will catch your son's attention as a result. Take your time to ease him into getting comfortable with using it. AND remember to supervise access to arts supplies!

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