Child Potty Training For 3+ Year Olds

Have you delayed your child potty training and are now wondering how to catch up. Here I provide some potty training help with some tips & techniques for older children as well as things to avoid. Hope you find those pages useful!

Is there are right age to potty train and is late potty training caused by lazy parenting? What are the reasons parents choose to potty train late? Or is it the child that chooses late potty training? Find out...

How To Potty Train An Older Child

Tips on Potty Training Late: Here are the 6 Best Tips on potty training for older children. We reviewed many tips from parents and experts and here are the 6 that come up again and again - implement one or several and see what works best for your child.

  • Potty training 3 year old: Dr. Barton Schmidt's Bare-Bottom method is potty training for kids with previous potty training experience. This method is geared at children who are over 30 months old, and who haven’t exactly grasped the concept of going potty even after three months of attempted potty training.
  • Potty training 4 year old (or older): Are you still potty training 4 year old? Or your 5 year old? You are not alone. Here are the 3 things every parent should know about late potty training.

Difficulty Potty Training? by now you have most likely made some attempts at getting your little darling out of diapers. Unless there are some medical reasons to further delay potty training its definitely time to review your tactics.

5 Potty Training Mistakes: avoid the 5 most common potty training mistakes that parents potty training older child make.

Need Potty Training Help? Whether you want to outsource the whole process or need a bit of guidance there is a whole spectrum of places where you can turn to for help.

Older child potty training should simpler because older children are able to communicate better and respond well to signals. Just remember, that it's your role as parent to support your child in the event the potty training understanding does not kick in right away.

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