Cool Gear Travel Potty

Ingenious, Brilliant and Marvelous Portable Potty for Parents and Toddlers on the Move

The Cool gear travel potty is THE travel potty chair to buy for your toddler, as it’s very handy when you’re taking long road trips or are in an area where there are no facilities. Even when we go into restaurants we grab the potty that folds into a briefcase (12 ½” x 10” x 3 ½”)

When I’m traveling about and there are no decent public restrooms available having a portable potty, like the travel potty Cool Gear, with me is a lifesaver. I don’t worry that my little one comes directly in contact with the toilet seat. Let alone try to balance my little one on an adult toilet that’s typically awkward for his size plus he hates strange toilets.

The Cool Thing About Cool Gear Travel Potty

  • It's a foldable travel toilet and it’s relatively light weight.

The system opens by pulling on grips and moving the sides into place. These lock for security. Inside there’s space for re-sealable storage bags that go beneath the lid. After your toddler is done you simply seal the bag for disposal.

Cleaning doesn’t get much easier than that! There are handy storage spaces on the sides of the potty where you can keep wipes and other potty training items like extra training pants.

Cool Gear recommends the system for children 18 months and older weighing up to 70 pounds. This means it will grow with your child until they’re long past the need for training. This is one benefit highlighted by many parents -- because it holds more weight than some systems, even a 10 year old could use it in an emergency situation, or perhaps as a tidy camping toilet.

I like the fact that the Cool Gear portable potty sets up anywhere with relative speed and ease. It does not, however, offer a splash-guard which is sometimes a little problematic for my little munchkin. I appreciate that the toddler potty does not require special disposable bags, but rather I can buy a food storage bag and use that equally well.

The Cool Gear Travel Potty is a little bulkier than I might like, but still I found that it worked as described by the manufacturer. Priced around $25.00 it’s in line with other larger capacity portable toilets.

Travel Potty by Cool Gear

Awesome potty - love it! However there is no splash-guard so you have to adjust for boys. Great for camping and trips around town plus very convenient to use in the car.

Simply put you should definitely get this potty. A great price / value ratio.

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