Diaper Free Baby

An Instructional Infant Potty Training Book

The foundation of Diaper Free Baby uses the principles of Elimination Communication. Babies are basically born potty ready – they do not like sitting in their own waste and give clear signs before they have to go.

The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative by Christine Gross-Loh is one of infant potty training books dedicated to a Natural Infant Hygiene (NIH) that can begin at birth.

This book will teach you how to read those potty training signs, how to respond to your baby at a pace that feels right for your family, whether this means once a day or more often. There’s no question that parents interested in using elimination communication have to commit to the process.

Infant elimination communication increases a parent’s awareness of their child’s bio-rhythms – specifically their natural elimination cycle. Most infants need to “go” shortly after feeding. By monitoring that timeframe you will pretty quickly get in the swing of taking the baby to the potty. Infant potty training is really no different than learning when your child is hungry.

Potty Training For Newborns, Infants and Toddlers

The author breaks out the teaching methods into various age groups. This potty training book discusses premature babies and potty training, newborn potty training and has specific instructions for parents who may come upon the idea of Elimination Communication when their child is a older.

In The Beginning

The process begins with learning your newborn’s patterns and signs that they’re about to pee or poo and taking advantage of natural timing. Nearly all babies eliminate shortly after eating and waking up. Once you observe and learn your little darling’s patterns and signals you have ample time to take your baby to an elimination spot and whisper specific words or sounds while the baby “goes”. These sounds or words are repeated each time the baby eliminates, on or off the potty, and your baby learns to associate elimination with your cues and the way their body feels.

Diaper Free Baby also provides guidance for travel, visiting, and other common social situations. It has a section devoted to baby potty supplies, like potty pants, potty training clothing and infant potty chairs. Additionally the book has testimonials from various parents about their Elimination Communication journey and successes.

Full-Time, Part-Time Or Occasional Potty Training

Diaper Free Baby gives you three early potty training tracks. Your family can practice elimination communication full-time, part-time or occasionally. Most families transit between categories depending on various family situations. Whether you decide to practice Elimination Communication full time, part time, or once in a while, you are helping your child move toward gradual independence from diapers.

What We Think Of Diaper Free Baby Book

If you are looking to buy infant potty training books this one is a good choice - it consistently receives 4-5 stars out of 5 in rankings. It is the only book on early potty training you'll need. This book provides enough information to take you successfully through the entire process.

Many reported approaching the book with a hefty dose of uncertainty only to be wholly surprised by the results they achieved. The text is very detailed, including the history of Elimination Communication and how different cultures have used this idea successfully.

Some of us feel that although its encouraging to hear so many parents talk about their EC experience, the time on testimonial is not enough balanced by the practical application of Elimination Communication.

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