Difficult Potty Training Tips

Five Most Common Potty Training Problems

Experiencing difficult potty training? Let us offer solutions to common problems that some parents encounter on their journey towards a diaper-less life. Potty training might come with its difficulties, but the good thing is that they're manageable. Just be patient with your little one!

1. Difficult Potty Training: Trouble Potty Training on the Go or Daycare

You can experience some frustrated potty training when your little darling is unwilling to use the potty outside of home. When your child is old enough to go to day care or spend time at a relative's house, they may encounter difficulties using the potty outside of home, simply because the environment isn’t laid out as it is at home, or the process expected of them is different from what the parent expects at home. As a result, confusion could set in, leading to your child becoming unwilling to do it outside of home.

We experienced this problem briefly on the first day of daycare. Our little darling squirmed and refused to sit on the potty when the caregiver tried to offer it to him. Next day I brought our own potty to the daycare so that our little darling had a familiar element and I put him on it immediately upon arrival. It worked instantly! The new place, people and potty was just to foreign to him. Once I did it with him and modeled to the caregiver how it's done it went smoothly. Try to transpose the potty ritual to the daycare. Does your little one read books on the potty or play with a special toy? Observe the caregivers "in action" and offer them tips on how it's done at home.

2. Difficult Potty Training: Becoming emotional when asked to use the potty

Some little darlings become very emotional when it comes to potty training. Whether you want to believe it or not, even the youngest children can readily pick up if their emotional reaction has a positive or negative impact on an adult. Becoming emotional when asked to use the potty is a perfect example for the child to test their power over the parent.

Avoid adding to the tension by trying to force the child to use it. That's when regression will definitely come into play! Avoid doing things like asking them too much about whether they feel the urge to go. Instead, just put the potty in a central place so it's within easy reach when they are ready.

3. Difficult Potty Training: Potty Training Resistance or Refusal

Potty training refusal is when you find that your child is consistently hesitant about using the potty. This potty training problem could be due to a deep-rooted fear of the toilet, or simply lack of confidence. Or, it could be that your child just isn’t ready to put away those diapers.

As a parent, this is a difficulty that you can expect to face, but it isn’t one that you can't overcome. Personalize the toilet or potty your child will use so they feel a sense of ownership and comfort with using it. Before getting them to use it, show them how it works, e.g. what happens when something is flushed.

4. Difficult Potty Training: Potty Training Constipation

Unable to have bowel movements - it is a common occurrence for a child to not be able to make a bowel movement during the potty training stage. As a parent, it is your job to try and figure out why. In some cases, it could be that the child constantly remembers an instance when there was a negative reaction to him or her making a mess, and as such they are hesitant to try it again. In other cases, it could simply be that your child's diet doesn’t make room for foods and fluids that aid in healthy, regular bowel movement.

Your options include reviewing your child's diet and making sure stool softening foods are included, keeping a potty nearby when you expect your child to have a bowel movement, and assure your child that it's okay to ask for a diaper whenever they feel the urge to have a bowel movement. Ask your doctor if using mild child laxatives is recommended in your situation.

5. Difficult Potty Training: Potty Training Regression

Having accidents after completing potty training successfully - this is definitely one of the difficulties you may have to face, as it is possible your child will get "thrown off" because other developmental activities are now taking place. Things like moving from the crib to a bed are enough to completely throw all you've imparted through the window. More than one potty training accident a day or withing a few hours could signify that you are experiencing some potty training setbacks.

Remember that your child has a developing mind so it is not always easy to process multiple activities with relative ease. You just have to come to terms with your role as parent and trainer, and start the process again to reinforce what your child learned before. The good thing is that it will likely be completed quicker the second time around. Use diapers again if you have to, but avoid extending the period.

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