Elimination Communication

Early Potty Training For Your Little Darling

Elimination communication (EC), also known as infant potty training (ipt), is an easy, effective and gentle way to potty train your little darling while saving money on diapers and baby supplies. EC is for cloth diaper users, and disposable diaper users it's for stay-at-home moms or dads and families with where both parents work. It's a flexible system that can be adapted to any situation.

Are you hesitating? Read this first

Potty Training Infants 101: Are you new to baby potty training and are looking for some basic and reliable information? Maybe you are not sure if its for you and your family?  Here is what you need to know first about potty training infants; myths, facts, questions and answers.

When to Start EC, IPT, NIH

Newborn Potty Training: From Day 1 to 3 months. You will find easy, simple and effective things you can do from day one or ten. Zero to four months is the optimal time to start ECing as newborns don’t have lots of happenings on their social calendars.

Infant Potty Training (IPT): From 4 to 11 months. This is a perfect time to start - it won't get easier then now. Your baby has now gained some neck control and is easier to potty and can stay still for a few minutes while being entertained.

Early Potty Training: 12 months+ By now, your little one knows your cues and you probably have a nearly instinctual sense of her bodily cycle. This is great because it helps with taking the next big step, namely independent toileting.

Top Picks

Baby Bjorn Little Potty: A great first Baby Bjorn Potty for your infant. We still use ours when traveling.

Split Pants: keep your baby’s bottom open to fresh air while keeping your baby’s legs and knees warm.

EC Gear, Book Reviews and Recommendations

EC Potty Training Clothing: getting your little darlings swiftly out of their clothes when the need arises makes infant potty training more realizable.

Infant Potty Chair: Pick a potty for your little darling. It's simple - there are only a few favorites among the ECing community. Here are their Pros and Cons and links to where they can be purchased.

Diaper Free Baby: An instructional infant potty training book. It book will teach you how to read those potty training signs, how to respond to your baby at a pace that feels right for your family, whether this means once a day or more often.

Tell Your EC Success Story? Any tips for parents just starting?

Do you have a great story about ECing your baby? Share it! How did you start ECing? When did you start? What where your biggest challenges? Tell us about your first potty success!

Leave a comment or share your story about kids potty training.

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