Flip Potty Seat

A flip potty seat represents a great tool for homes with children of different ages. Having the ability to have a functional potty training tool that’s comfortable for your toddler is important. This style of potty seat provides security while sitting on the toilet improves a child’s confidence. In many cases they like to handle the flip seat themselves as a type of “grown up” gesture. This, in turn, helps with successful potty training because it inspires independence.

A flip potty trainer offers a particular advantage in a home with only one bathroom. It fits perfectly on a standard toilet but offers the child the secondary side that fits smaller bottoms. A child can simply flip down the potty seat when needed. Meanwhile the rest of the family doesn’t have to juggle with removing the baby’s seat.

Criteria to Look for in a Flip Potty Trainer:

Bear in mind as you shop that you need to get a seat that fits your toilet properly.

  • Know what type of toilet (standard / elongated) you have and measure it before you buy. These seats come in a variety of colors so you can match your bathroom’s decorative theme.
  • Note that there are typically two constructions – one a potty seat that you cannot see until you lift the toilet lid, and another that attaches to the current toilet and can be flipped up when not in use. Both function similarly so which you choose is really a matter of taste.

You will find that flip seats are great space savers and don’t cost a fortune (many are in the $15.00 range). Some parents do complain that the existing toilet seat sometimes moves a bit when the potty training system is in use. Nonetheless the seats are easily to apply to your toilet and incredibly simple for a child to use. These trainers typically hold up to a 60 pound child, meaning it can last for several years if needed.

Where to Find a Flip Potty Trainer

You can find a flip potty seat at most children’s supply stores, the toddler section of department stores, and at numerous online sites. Look for a flip potty trainer on Amazon.com - this link will take you directly to the flip seat for toddlers page.

If shopping online be certain to check the company’s return / exchange policy in case you get the wrong size or style. A good company will agree to returns without any restocking fee, and in some instances offer free return shipping too. Upon receiving your potty seat, check its construction and make sure you got the right size. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing it on your family’s toilet. In many cases the flip potty seat needs few, if any, tools for installation and goes on very quickly.

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