Folding Potty Seat

A folding potty seat is larger than the tike toilet. It sits right on top of a regular toilet seat with little fuss. It’s also ideal for families who travel frequently – you can use this at rest stops and hotels. Because the seat is already familiar to your child, it decreases the stress of an “unknown” toilet. It also relieves any worries over a bathroom’s cleanliness since you control the toilet seat’s care.

As the name implies the folding toilet seat folds up tidily. This allows a great deal of portability. You can slide it into anything from your briefcase or purse to a diaper bag and still have room for other necessities. Let’s face it, parents with young children already have to tote a lot around – so small and light construction is a big plus. The average seat weighs between 10 – 13 ounces.

Manufacturers of these seats have created them with both parents and children in mind. There are colors and themes that your child adores and can fit into your nursery decorating scheme easily. From Disney to Marvel comics – there’s something that will get your child excited about using his or her new “grown up” tool.

Folding seats start with a foundation of plastic and some type of pad on the underside to keep it more secure on the toilet. Some offer padded seats. Others have handles so your child can begin to put it on themselves.

Things to Watch for

  • See if the seat you’re considering fits both conventional AND elongated toilets. This is especially important for traveling.
  • Second, most potties have weight limits. Look for one that will grow for a while with your child until they’re ready for the adult toilet without any assistance.
  • Some parents find the folding seats are a little large for toddler tote bags, or that their children find the design uncomfortable. If the seat isn’t opened properly it may pinch. It’s a good idea to check out consumer reviews on the brand you’re considering.

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