Ginsey Dora Soft Potty Seat

Suitable for children between 2-5 years of age.

It's light and affordable but avoid Ginsey Dora soft potty seat if you are parenting a boy or have an elongated toilet. Other companies make “theme” toilet seats. Unless this is a must-have for your little darling, consider trying a different manufacturer who addresses the problems in this potty seat’s design.

Pro’s - Favorite Features of Ginsey Dora Soft Potty Seat

The padding on a soft potty seat makes it a very comfortable, soft toilet trainer. and because of the padding your little darling will not have to sit on a cold toilet.

  • This particular design includes handles that a child can easily grasp.
  • The cushion of the chair detaches so you can clean the product easily.
  • A spray deflector for boys (however parents of young boys say that the splash guard is poorly made and insufficient).

Nearly everyone who purchased Ginsey 's soft potty seat said they liked the handles and the lightness of the product. They also appreciated the fact that it was budget-friendly and appealing to children because of the cartoon character.

The Dora soft potty seat won’t break your budget. The comfort of the seat means that children are a little less restless and may stay on the trainer for a little longer. The seat doesn’t weigh a lot, nor is it overly cumbersome, making it an option for carrying along when traveling where you may have to use public rest rooms.

Avoid Ginsy Dora Soft Potty Seat

  • The character element (Dora) appeals to girls in particular.
  • This soft potty seat is prone to tearing, which means getting a replacement.
  • The vinyl potty seat cover sticks to skin making climbing off very uncomfortable.

Another common issue is that while advertised as a “one size fits all” type system and according to the product specifications it should fit both standard and elongated toilet seats equally well. However the product does not fit well on an elongated toilet seat. This makes the seat slip, making a child feel insecure and could reflect a safety issue.

We Like That it Comes in Different Colors and a Matching Step Stool

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