Girl Potty Training 101

Eight awesome tips for girl potty training to get your little darling peeing in the potty instead of in her diapers. With the right tips and bits of advice, you should be able to implement your own strategy and ditch diapers for good :)

8 Awesome Tips For Girl Potty Training

1. Your first mission is to allow your daughter to become familiar with the potty. You should expect that you can buy the potty today and expect her to want to try it out right away. Allow her to get comfortable seeing it around the house before you try to encourage her to use it.

2. Getting your daughter used to wearing panties instead of diapers is also another good tip for prepping her to learn how to potty. If you take her shopping for big girl underwear, she'll likely want to wear them, but you have to indicate to her that she can't pee in her panties like she does in the diapers. Let her know that big girls wear panties and if she wants to be a big girl, she needs to pee in the potty instead of in her pants.

3. Now suppose your daughter got a peek at her dad or brother taking a pee, and decides that she wants to pee standing up? How do you respond to that? Tell he that its a boy thing and point out all the fun things she can do while sitting when peeing - like reading or doing puzzles. You can always let her try peeing standing up in the tub before bath time.

4. Modeling is the best way to get your little girl potty training accomplished successfully, which is why it may be good to allow your daughter to watch mommy use the toilet. Remember that toddlers often think they're bigger than they are, so they'll likely want to imitate what grown people around them do. Allow your baby girl to watch and explain to her where the pee comes from as well as what you're doing to get it to come out in the toilet instead of in your pants.

5. A great idea to get your daughter to use the potty is to keep her in dresses for as long as you're potty training her. Having her in a dress makes it much easier for her to maneuver, sit on the potty and eliminate.

6. Putting your daughter's favorite playthings near the potty will encourage her to be in the presence of the potty, and consider it one of her trusted favorite things over time. Eventually, without prompting, you'll see her draw closer to the potty and try things on her own.

7. A quick trip to the kiddies store will allow you to identify musical books and CDs with your daughter's favorite characters instructing her how to use the potty (more modeling).

8. Introduce a potty training doll - making your little darling the potty expert is a good way to get her interested in potty training. Give her the opportunity to teach her favorite stuffed animal or doll how to use the potty. First start her out with lessons of her own, then ask her to show her toy how it's done. In her own little world of make-believe, she'll be convinced she's actually teaching them something they'll absorb!

There are tons of tips that can help to make potty training a painless, stress-free time for you and your daughter. Just remember to be patient and take things slowly; the last thing you want is your daughter's complete rejection of the potty training idea because you seem to be pushing her too hard.

Take your time - it will happen!

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