A Girl Potty

A girl potty is a pivotal item to purchase as little girls get to the stage where they start toilet training. I found that selecting her potty chair was a fun part of potty training.

Of course, one of the commonly overlooked pieces advice for potty training parents is to let little girls choose their own potties.

Involving your daughter in the process of potty hunting is the most significant step in the initial stages of potty training.

It's imperative to make your daughter believe that you're allowing her to make independent decisions regarding her development.

You can make potty shopping interesting and fun by engaging your toddler in discussions about choosing a potty in her favorite color. That always gets little girls going!

By choosing a potty in her favorite color, she's choosing something that she loves and feels connected to. After you're done at the checkout counter, allow your daughter to carry the potty to the car and begin to identify with it.

You're really not going to see much difference between her potty and his potty. In fact, the design is basically the same because both girls and boys of that age are best trained to use the toilet sitting down. However, there are definitely some models little girls get more excited about.

The first thing you need to remember is that kids may sometimes find potty training daunting, and that's exactly why you should choose a potty that will appeal to your little girl's interests. That could mean choosing a size that easy for her to get on and off, which is important for allowing your daughter to feel comfortable. It could also mean getting one in her favorite color.

Choosing a Girl Potty

One of the primary things that parents often overlook is choosing a potty that's right for their child. Not every little girl will feel comfortable adjusting to using the same design or shape potty.

Decorating a Girl Potty

It is a great way to personalize a little girl's potty so there is a sense of ownership, which then creates a sense of trust. When a little girl believes that her personal property is not capable of causing her harm, it may be easier to get her to potty train successfully.

A good idea for prepping your daughter to potty train is to get more than one potty for the home. That way, there's always a potty nearby when needed. It's also a great idea to help your daughter memorize where to find the potties. You can actually make it into a game of hide and seek by asking her to try and identify where the potties are. Taking this approach will make potty training seem more like a fun activity than a difficult lesson.

Lastly, it would be a great idea to take your daughter shopping for her potty. Kids in general love outings, especially when they realize they're getting something that they can call their own. Your baby girl will feel totally proud walking into the house with something that was bought specially for her!

It's one of the most rewarding experiences for parent and child when potty training has been conquered successfully!

Get a potty chair as soon as you notice your daughter's inclination to start potty training or even before.

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