Girls Potty Training vs Boys Potty Training

Is Girls Potty Training Easier Than Boy's Potty Training? Some will tell you that training their little guy was more difficult than training their daughter. But is this really true? Are girls really better potty training candidates than boys?

Well, one thing is for sure and it is backed by all sorts of studies and science: girls acquire potty training skills at a slightly earlier age than boys do. A study in Milwaukee involved a group of 126 girls and 141 boys of the potty training age bracket, who were submitted for a potty training readiness survey. The results were that the girls demonstrated the training skills earlier than the boys did. They attributed this to the fact that the physical and language skills of girls develop sooner than boys, thereby making them more in tune with the skills required for potty training.

But what other reasons are there which make it seem like girls are easier to potty train than boys? Well, the same study indicated that the girls actually showed an interest in using the potty sooner than boys did. The average age for girls who showed an interest was 24 months, while the average age for boys was 26 months. Additionally, girls indicated they needed to go to the bathroom at 26 months, while boys did so at 29 months. These behavior patterns would easily make it seem like girls are more open to potty training than boys.

From a less scientific point of view, there are parents who would definitely agree with the research findings. Let's take, for example, the obvious fact that it's many times easier to undress a girl to use the potty than it is to undress a boy. With pants, shorts, briefs and diapers, a little boy would perhaps pee before you get to the second layer of clothes! With little girls in dresses, however, it's much easier to maneuver and get them on the potty in the nick of time.

Little girls are also less prone to "missing the target" when peeing in a potty. The structure of the vagina makes peeing downwards much easier when compared to the structure of the penis. In fact, little boys would likely spew pee all over the place before finally being able to aim downwards into the potty. So whereas it may take a parent the same amount of time to get both sexes to be comfortable with using the potty, it could take boys longer to actually master the act.

Overall, girls potty training techniques are similar to boys potty training techniques. In some cases, parents may choose to train their sons with a toddler urinal, but where using an actual potty is concerned, the lessons are virtually the same. Where the difference sometimes lies is in how long it takes girls and boys to learn the skills. Of course, each parent's experience is unique, so at the end of the day, it may just boil down to individual situations.

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