Using Her Potty

How To Get Your Little Darling Interested In a Girl Potty

It's very likely that her potty will be pink as little girls just seem to gravitate towards pink. If you have a little pink princess in the making, you may actually have an advantage where potty training is concerned. If you search hard enough, you might be able to find a potty which appeals to the color senses of your daughter and makes her feel more comfortable using the pink potty.

Throw A Themed Introduction To Potty Training

Going with a theme is a great idea to appeal to the senses of your daughter. A princess themed potty, for example, will guarantee that it's covered with lots of pink, glitter and all around girly décor. It will look more like a part of her fairytale village than a potty! You could also go for a potty which is themed according to her favorite girly cartoon. You're sure to get lots of pink coupled with her favorite cartoon characters. Now that's the perfect way to make going to the potty something cool!

Location, Location, Location

So you have brought the new piece of furniture, very likely its pink, home. Once home, invite your daughter to keep the potty anywhere she feels comfortable. Ideally, you would want the potty in the bathroom, but sometimes it's important to allow your daughter to first choose an environment where using the potty would make her feel comfortable.

Make it HER Potty

Once you have obtained a girl potty for your little darling - encourage potty training by making it HER potty. Your next mission could be to engage your daughter in a potty decorating exercise. If you got a simple potty you and your daughter can undertake to decorate. Get nice, vibrant paints in her favorite shades of pink, and stickers with her favorite characters. You would be surprised at how much she connects with her potty when she's involved in the personalization process.

Spend some time to make getting to know the potty a fun time for both of you. Little girls love to paint and draw, so start with some toxin-free paints or markers and allow your daughter to design away! You could also suggest that she write her name on the potty, and you can help her do that if she's not yet at that stage of development. Stickers, puff paint and other niceties can make for a pretty and personal potty.

Once done, and you and your daughter have placed the potty in the designated spot, you can use some alone time to surround the potty with other things she likes to play with. Musical books, dolls, crayons and paper, and so on are great ideas. Doing that will reinforce that the potty is a trusted, comfortable space for your daughter to be in. She would definitely feel encouraged to use it whenever she needs to eliminate, especially when some of her other favorite things are within arm's reach.

At the end of the day, what's most important is ensuring that you've proven to your daughter that using the potty is a good thing. When it becomes something she can consider to be her own, she'll relate to using it easier. She may even surprise you by using it on her own when you least expect it!

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