How to Potty Train Boys

Should I Train My Son to Potty Sitting or Standing?

When you begin to wonder how to potty train boys it's very likely that this is the first question you would ask yourself. Your first thought might just be to train your son to use the potty by standing upright like men do. After all, when he gets older and big enough to reach the urinals in the bathrooms at school, that's exactly how he'll have to do it, right?

Well, while you're right about what will likely take place when your son gets older, you might not be right with your approach to potty training him.

Most child development specialists recommend that toddler boys should be potty trained sitting down as opposed to standing up. Still it's your call in the end, just consider all sides of the question.

Teaching your son to eliminate while sitting makes it easier for him to appreciate the acts of urination and defecation. Of course, it’s best he does not have a bowel movement while standing so you may as well allow him to learn both activities while sitting.

Reasons to Potty Train Boys Sitting

  • Kids often poo whenever they pee so your son will be able to differentiate between the two movements then and there.
  • Also that it's much easier to prevent spillages and accidents if you train your son to use the potty sitting down. The "target" of the bowl is much more difficult to access when he is standing up.

After your little boy has mastered using the potty sitting down, including using it for both pee and poo, you can introduce him to a toddler urinal. He will surely appreciate being treated with the same level of confidence given to older boys and men who urinate standing up. There's nothing greater to him than being able to do what dad does!

Another important element of how to potty train boys is consistence. It is important to ensure other caregivers are using the same approach to potty training. Having different teaching styles and exposing your boy to different techniques might confuse him and cause him to withdraw from learning altogether. Keep things consistent so there are no setbacks along the way.

Above all, arm yourself with as much patience as possible when teaching your little boy how to use the potty. You're going to need that more than any technique you can teach him. He will appreciate not feeling pressured into adapting and you'll find that he might nail it sooner than you expected.

Once the lesson has been learned, and practice has become perfection, you can feel free to buy any style of potty or urinal that your son will feel comfortable using. At that stage, you'll feel confident knowing that everything will happen as you trained and you won't have any messes to clean up later on!

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