How To Potty Train

10+ Ways To Potty Train Your Little Darling

How to potty train is about supplying you with potty training tips and information. Our purpose is NOT to promote, sell or discourage any single method or system. There is no ONE right way for everyone - experts can’t agree and the research is inadequate or missing - so it's up to you to pick and choose the right method for you.

We have experimented, researched, organized, and simplified over 10 different how to potty train methods - all of which you will find on our pages. Since you don't have the time to read all of our pages we recommend for you to first find out whats your parenting approach and read the sections that are complimentary to your parenting style.

What's Your Parenting Style?

Find the best way to potty train for YOU. Choose what potty potty training methods are congruent with your personality, parenting philosophy, and lifestyle. Choose from efficient, child-centered, effortless or avant-garde potty training.

When to Potty Train: once you figure out how here is how to find out when. We developed a potty training age timeline according to various methods and expert's opinion. The GOOD NEWS is: you DON'T have to always rely on signs of potty training readiness.

Child-Centered Potty Training For The Serene Parent (SP)

Child-centered potty training is an easy potty training approach for both parents and children. It places your little one in control of when and how to potty train.

Toilet learning, toileting or toilet mastery is part of a child-oriented approach advocated by Montessori, Spock, Sears and Brazelton. Plan to devote attention and patience to toilet mastery on a daily basis for several months.

Technique for potty training 3 year old or later potty training. Dr. Barton Schmidt's Bare-Bottom potty training for kids with previous potty training experience.

Fast-Track Potty Training for the Efficient Parent (EP)

Fast-track / potty train in one day methods. The core elements, what you will need and facts - a must read.

Another, a bit different and a bit longer, fast-track and intensive approach to Potty training toddlers is the "egg timer method".

Easy Potty Training For the Busy Parent (BP)

Potty training pants have clearly taken the parenting world by storm as an innovate solution for potty training. They are low maintenance and a true convenience for parents, especially when out for long periods.

Using potty fast & easy - also known as the Naked or $75 Method. This method is fast and does not require you to hoover over your child watching like a hawk. Perfectly adapted for the very busy parent.

Infant Potty Training For The Avant-Garde Parent (A-GP)

Elimination communication (EC), also known as infant potty training (ipt) is for cloth diaper users, and disposable diaper users, it's for stay-at-home moms or dads and families where both parents work.

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