How to Start Potty Training?


Here we have collected the most important tips on how to start potty training your toddler. The following steps will help you start the potty training process with ease.

It's easy to lose hope when potty training if you don't know how to start potty training or where to begin with your toddler! But these tips will definitely provide a great starting point for you as the process goes from one stage to another. Good luck and happy training!

5 Steps to Simple Potty Training

Step 1. RELAX. Your child’s brain is interested in safety, first and foremost. Only when you provide a save environment will your child be interested in learning. It’s a survival mechanism. There seams to be nothing else that stresses out parents more than potty training – however the minute you start to display frustration or impatience, it becomes extra difficult for your child to learn. What's important is that you first realize that patience is necessary. Your little darling picks up on your stress so take a deep breath and expect to “fail” before your child emerges diaper free. Be aware of fast-track potty training methods, they can wear you down.

Step 2. OBSERVE. Spend some time observing your child. Do they go right after they wake-up? Within 20 minutes of having eaten a meal? Is there a specific time of day? This knowledge will help you focus your energy and help plan potty time.

Step 3. Make a PLAN. Choose an approach to potty training, there is no one best way to potty train. Choose a method that is a good fit for you and your toddler.

Step 4. Decide WHEN and WHERE. Maybe you want to potty train during the weekend or holidays when you are at home and have more time. Or in the summer – less clothes makes the logistics of potty training much easier. Maybe you want to set a time in the day (mornings or afternoons) and dedicate it to potty training – 1 or 2 hours a day is a good way to get things started and it won’t pose as much a burden as 3 day potty training.

Step 5. Buy a POTTY or potty training seat. Place it somewhere visible so your toddler gets used to this new piece of furniture.

How to Start Potty Training Tips

Potty training can sometimes be a challenge for toddlers - which in turn can put a lot of stress on parents. So here are some additional tips – mix and match to find out what works best for you.

  • Dress your toddler in easy-to-remove clothing - this is a great way to stay on top of things when starting potty training with your child. In one instance, you can quickly respond when you sense that your toddler is about to eliminate. In another instance, it helps the child to undress easily as they become more conscious of body signals. Avoid clothing with zippers, clasps and buttons. Go for elastic waited clothes instead.
  • Check for signs - spend some time observing your child and looking out for signals that they're about to make a movement, whether peeing or pooping. Sometimes, they may wince or fidget when they feel an urge, while in the case of pooping, they may hold on to the tummy or squat. Use these signs to help you know when to encourage sitting on the potty.
  • Put your child in training pants - training pants are great for aiding the process of potty training. As they can be pulled down much easier than diapers.

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