Infant Potty Chair

So you don't have an infant potty chair or you are ready to transition from Tupperware to something more elegant. There are several potty chairs that are favorite of the the EC-ing community. Here is a quick overview of the Pros and Cons of each one and a direct link to Amazon where you can read more reviews or buy one.

Pick A Potty

Baby Bjorn Little Potty

Pros: Small, light, sturdy and comfortable. Low design so baby is in squat like position with feet on the floor. Great for travel.

Cons: Made out of a single piece of plastic with no removable dish which complicates cleaning. No rubber lining so my toddler scoots around all over the room.

This infant potty chair has been discontinued but you can still purchase it on Amazon.

Baby Bjorn Smart Potty

Pros: Removable bowl for convenient cleaning and integrated splash guard for preventing messes. A rubber rim along the bottom keeps prevents your toddler from scooting and the low seat makes it difficult to topple.

Cons: squat-like position might uncomfortable for tall toddlers.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Pros: Inner potty is removable and the rubber ring keeps your toddler from scooting around. The splashguard is good but not full proof and high back and armrests make your child very comfortable

Cons: Clunky and not portable. Suitable toddlers not so much infants.

TrendyKid bECOpotty

Pros: this infant potty chair has high splash guard and so the infant model is so small you can support your newborn to use it. Toddler will us squatting position which helps elimination. It's made from natural plant fibers - it will completely biodegrade when buried. Flat back helps to support baby.

Cons: no detachable bowl or rubber on the bottom to prevent it from sliding. Also, if not dried properly the material will swell.

Babywunder Deluxe Clear Potty

The Babywunder Deluxe Clear Potty is made from a single molded piece of plastic. It has a carrying handle for portability and a splash guard for little boys. The company who produces this infant potty chair also offers covers for those public moments when you may wish for less visibility.

Pros: clear sides allow you to see exactly what’s happening so you can use your cues on time.

Cons: The plastic construction itself does not seem as durable as some potties, being prone to cracking or shattering.

In terms of design the Babywunder Deluxe Clear Potty Chair looks very much like the Baby Bjorn Little Potty.

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