Little Girl Potty Training

Must-Have Potty Training Accessories for Girls

Preparing for your little girl potty training stage must be quite an exciting time for both of you!

What you should probably consider doing is having all the necessary potty training accessories right at your fingertips so you can get all the help you need along the way.

Here's a breakdown of some of the must-have accessories for your little lady.

Must-Have Potty Training Accessories for Girls: there are some things that make little girl potty training easier for both the parent and child. Here is a list compiled by parents of their must have little girl potty training items.

Potty Training Doll

If you're looking for help with little girl potty training, you're guaranteed to get a lot of it from a potty training doll.

These dolls are designed to simulate the potty usage process so your daughter can follow suit. Some potty training dolls come with their own potties and a baby bottle. The idea is that you allow your daughter to "feed" the doll with water, and then put her on the potty.

Once on the potty, the doll will eliminate in much the same way you want your daughter to. A few sessions of potty training with the doll will go a long way in educating your little girl on the subject.

Potty Training Pants

Close to the top of your list of must-have potty training accessories for your little lady are potty training pants. These pants are helpful tools for kids who mostly stay dry but may have the occasional accident. They're perfect for taking your daughter out for play time, as she won't be wearing baby diapers, and you can relax knowing that accidents will still be prevented with the trainer pants.

The key to the effectiveness of trainer pants is that although they will absorb the urine, your daughter will definitely feel wet, which is a feeling no kid likes. As such, it will cause her to be more conscious of herself and eventually learn to signal when she needs to use the potty.

Car and Buggy Seat Protectors

The first thing you ought to come to terms with when considering potty training for your daughter is the fact that accidents are bound to happen. And that's why it's important to have car and buggy seat protectors. The seat protectors are generally shaped to fit perfectly into car seats, buggies and high chairs, and prevent the actual seats from getting wet in the event there's an accident. Most are made from a layer of waterproof fabric, which is covered on both sides by layers of either polyester fleece or cotton fabric. The absorbent pad in the middle ensures the leakage is contained. Although your little girl is progressing and now wearing training pants, you still can't be too careful, so be sure to use seat protectors.

Mattress Protectors

As a potty training parent, you should bear in mind that although your daughter might transition to using the potty very quickly, she may not transition as quickly when it comes to controlling her bladder when asleep. In fact, kids generally struggle with this way after they've mastered potty training. With that said, it's a good idea to invest in a few mattress protectors for your daughter's bed.

Like the car seat protectors, mattress protectors are made of layers of fleece, cotton and an absorbent waterproof fabric. The can absorb one episode of a missed potty opportunity, but will need to be changed when soaked. They're machine washable and dry quickly.

Potty Training Books and DVDs

Any potty training parent will do well with having potty training books and DVDs on hand. If your little girl is like most kids, she'll enjoy being read to and will also enjoy watching DVDs. You can get great results if you read girl-based potty training stories to your daughter and also allow her to watch DVDs that teach her how to use the potty the right way. Use these accessories during relaxation time with your daughter so she doesn’t feel pressured to go to the potty and practice right away.

The sooner you employ the assistance of potty training accessories, the sooner you and your daughter will reap success with potty training. So what are you waiting on? Success is yours for the taking!

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