Musical Potty Chair

Just when I thought that potty training devices could not get any more clever I stumbled over a musical potty chair. Those Musical potties came into the market in the mid-1980s in the hope of improving the speed and ease of potty training. Music in the bathroom – ok, that shouldn’t prove too distracting but what exactly are the advantages of this type of potty seat?

So I asked around and it appears that the biggest perk is that the musical chair is not simply a potty training helper – it’s also a viable training tool.

If you have experienced moments of crying or out-right refusal when trying to get your little darling onto their potty a musical potty might make intrigue your toddler. Why? Quite simply – part of the key in potty training is finding ways to make the process fun and interesting.

How Does it Work? - the musical chair system has a built in sensor that responds to moisture. That means the minute your munchkin eliminates, they are rewarded with music. Yup, I have seen little ones running to the potty every 10 minutes to make a table spoon size paddle until and some parents have reported solid result in three days.

Why Does it Work? Build-In Reward System

I'm not a big fan of providing treats to eat while on the potty so instead of standing by the potty chair with cookies or candy - the chair itself becomes motivation. Now I do like that. Other than being supportive you don’t have to do anything! The child can create the music “all by themselves” instilling pride and confidence, both of which make for far easier toileting skill development.

Choosing a Musical Potty Chair

Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty

This potty is a miniature replica of an adult toilet along with some child friendly features like pictures. It even has a the retractable bath tissue holder! Your little munchkin is rewarded with five phrases and two potty training songs.

I don't recommend using it at the begging of potty training. Who knows, maybe you little one will sail through potty training without accompaniment of potty songs and you can save some money. You expect to pay for a musical potty chair? A lot depends on the design. Wooden potty chairs cost as much as $70, while plastic versions start out around $15 and go on to about $50 average (with a lot of styles in between). And as usual you get what you pay for. The biggest thing is finding a seat with music that your child will like, otherwise its use for training diminishes greatly.

I also don't recommend the musical potty for early potty training. It's really a toddler potty - younger children will find those kind of gimmicks distracting. It might be too much stimulation for their senses and just too much of newness all at once.

Fisher-Price Ducky Fun 3-in-1 Potty

Ok, I'll admit - at my house we just love ducks so I was immediately positively bias towards this one. It's stable and does not slip.

But it has some issues to deal with:

  • Too many parts
  • Can be difficult to clean

As an interesting aside the musical potty chair has gotten some great results with challenged children including those suffering from autistic spectrum disorder. The results seem to improve when combined with child-centered training that encourages parents to watch for signs that their child is ready to take this next step in their development. Music, as the “universal language” offers therapeutic qualities and a non-verbal immediate incentive.

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