My Big Boy Potty

My Big Boy Potty, by Joanna Cole, is a potty training book that receives rave reviews from both parents and little darlings and can be a very helpful tool when it comes to toilet learning skills. The story is rated for children ages 1-3 and speaks to the child in reassuring ways that support success. There is also a section at the end of the book specifically for parents – kind of a potty training 101 (potty training tips) to help answer those inevitable questions that either the child or parent may have.

We think.

The allure of Joanna Cole’s writing lies in her language that directs itself toward your son, endeavoring to create a role model in Michael, the star of the story. According to the book, “Michael is a boy just your age.” The watercolor illustrations depict a boy who is walking confidently and just starting to use the potty his parents recently purchased. The imagery in the book is bright, the parents cheerful and (of course) eventually Michael achieves success. Our little darlings love this story and we appreciate the fact that Cole covers each aspect of the toileting process. BUT we have minor complaints.

We complain.

  • The book may be too long and too detailed to keep a fidgety child’s attention.
    Beyond this the book illustrates the toilet training process as moving along VERY quickly compared to most people’s real life experiences.
  • Michael is also very, very good child behavior wise that seems well ahead of his depicted age in terms of dressing skills

We recommend My Big Boy Potty
The reaction from little darlings has been very positive. More importantly, children who had previously failed at toileting have been inspired to success by Michael’s story. At the end of the day that’s what really counts in a child-centered potty training book. An additional benefit to the story is the interactive nature that builds communication between you and your little that’s instructional without being tedious. This book goes very well with child-centered potty training or parenting philosophy.

My Big Boy Potty can be found on Amazon new or used.

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