My Big Girl Potty

My Big Girl Potty is a potty training book that receives glowing reviews from both parents and little darlings. Following the heroine, Ashley can be a very helpful potty training aid when it comes to toilet learning skills. The story itself isn’t meant to be as entertaining as it is instructional and encouraging. There is no “instant” success. When Ashley finally does reach her goal, she’s rewarded with a shopping trip to get her own underwear.

We think.

This potty training book is meant for little darling ages 1-3 and addresses the child in a comforting style. There is also a section at the end of the book specifically for parents – kind of a potty training tips for beginners.

We like.

Our little darlings love this story and we especially appreciate that the author covers each aspect of the toileting process.

We complain.

  • Certain details included seem somewhat unnecessary, such as what happens when you flush a toilet.
  • The book illustrates the toilet learning process as moving along VERY swiftly.

The Story.
Ashley is “a girl just your age” this sets the tone at the beginning of the book for your daughter to see Ashley as a friend. Throughout Ashley’s journey her parents provide support and helpful ideas like playing with a stuffed animal on the toilet (so your little darling tries longer).

Ashley eventually wears big girl pants, has an accident and eventually graduates to being successful (albeit surprised by the achievement). In fact the wording is exactly the same but for gender references and an additional sentence in the Big Boy book about daddy teaching Michael to pee standing up.

We recommend
My Big Girl Potty succeeds in being a useful, helpful and budget-friendly book that parents can read again and again throughout the training process. When combined with consistent home support this potty training book can become a useful guide that helps your child achieve potty success.

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