On The Potty

Instead of Fearing Potty Training - Look Forward to Potty Time

Keep your toddler on the potty with quality bonding time - it's perfect and modern parenting! It's a perfect time to bond with your baby and develop that parent-child closeness that can only come by spending time together. It's a great idea to use potty time not just to encourage your child to master potty training, but also to bond and spend one on one quality time. Here's a look at some great bonding ideas that will allow your baby to feel comfortable while on the potty, and that will also allow you to really get to know your little one's personality:

Touch & Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your baby during potty time is a great way to allow him to feel comfortable and safe in the process of learning. It is especially effective when you smile as your baby's eyes meet yours, or respond verbally whenever that eye contact is made. Apart from being encouraging for your baby, it also allows both of you to enjoy each other's company. Touching is also helpful to get your baby to relax while learning to potty. It's also helpful to show tenderness so your baby can feel closer to you and safe in your arms.


One of the best ways to get your toddler to feel relaxed and comfortable while on the potty is to do some thing to to engage his attention elsewhere. You have to be careful during this activity to not read books that create too much excitement, as the baby will probably lose interest in using the potty. Choose a book that has pictures and possibly some interactive tools that can take your baby's mind off the act of peeing or pooping. Where bonding is concerned, babies like to hear the pleasant voices of their parents, so it's very easy for your little one to become more attached to you if you practice reading to them during potty time.

Signing & Talking

Again, your baby likes to hear your voice, and that's especially true when you either or tell an animated story. Singing is particularly soothing for babies, but again, it's important to not choose songs that evoke too much excitement. Remember you don’t want to sidetrack your baby from the mission at hand! As your baby sits on the potty, try to initiate very "grownup" conversations in adult language and not baby talk. Your little one will love to feel like they're on the same level with you. Not only does this activity help to allow your baby to relax a little, but it also allows you to really learn about the personality of your child. If you have access to sing along CDs that encourage potty training, by all means play them!

These are just some of the ideas that should help you use potty time for bonding with your baby, while also allowing them to focus on the mission at hand. It's a great time for your child, and you should try to make the most of every moment, especially when it seems that your little one is having difficulty adapting to something new. One thing's for sure: once you spend enough time with your baby during potty time, your bond is going to end up being stronger than you ever expected!

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