Portable Potty Chair vs Travel Potty

A portable potty chair does not fold, neither does it inflate. It that can be used independently of a restroom. An anatomical potty is the best kind of portable potty to take on the road with you. For the longest type we kept a baby bjorn little potty in the car with us, it was also small enough to put in a backpack.

A travel potty may fold up for convenient carrying. If you’re short on space, this might be worth considering. Just check to see how the fold action works. Some folding toilets tend to pinch once a child sits down. These products come with disposable bags for tidy clean up. They also detach from the bottom portion of the potty so you can use it on a conventional toilet too. The average weight constraint for these is 50 pounds and a folded size of about 9” x 8”. They’re very low to the ground so if your child has long legs this may not be the best choice.

Alternatively there are inflatable travel potties that are even smaller. Bear in mind that depending on the manufacturer you may have options like handles or nice padding for sensitive bottoms. If you are interested in potties specifically designed for travel check out our "Have Baby Will Travel" section.Potty training can’t come to a screeching halt when you’re away from home. If anything it’s even more important since you’re acclimating your child to a variety of environments where using a public restroom may be the only option. Seeing their favorite chair improves the success rate.

The best portable potty chair is simple and light.

Instead of buying a special travel potty - you can take your small potty on the road. Besides the size issues in restrooms, some children are ill-at-ease going into new bathrooms. So now they can take their potty with them and have that comfort zone for success.

Nearly every parent has experienced the emergency road stop. When you’re potty training it’s very hard to help achieve privacy at the side of the road. With the independent portable potties there are no worries. It can even be used inside the car!

For parents concerned about hygiene and cleanliness, the portable potty chair offers another convenience. Let’s face it, public restrooms are not always well maintained. A portable potty chair offers a far more sanitary option than trying to balance your child on a public toilet. By having a portable seat with you, you can give your child a sanitary, safe seat that washes up easily afterward. Even when you’re visiting, having a seat that’s clean and familiar for your child really helps with the overall comfort zone (particularly if you’re staying overnight).

By the way, if you tend to visit one place frequently, you may want to buy a second toddler potty chair and just leave it for your next trip!

Simple Portable Potties with a Removable Bowl

Those models make it a bit easier to empty and clean which make them also an excellent choice when on the road.

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