Potty Chair Tray

I have coveted a potty chair tray while shopping for potty training accessories. I don't feed my little one he is on the potty and I definitely DO NOT use it to trap him on it. The potty tray acts as a great place for children to hold books or small toys if they need to sit on the toilet a little longer. Additionally, for children who feel insecure on the toilet, the tray adds another level of protection specifically from forward movement.

In the past I used a diaper box or my munchkins block box to create a sort of potty chair table tray to put his books and toys on (and the iPad on occasion). But it was not a very stable design and I also needed to ensure the iPad was safe from falls.

Potty chair trays are mostly found on vintage and wooden potty chairs, but not so frequently on plastic. I already had a potty I was happy with so I was not looking for a new potty with a build in tray. Plus If you buy a wooden potty chair with a tray you’re looking at about a $100 investment.

Where to Find a Potty Chair Tray

Star Kids Snack and Play Travel Tray

This works great and we recycle it for when we go on the road. it will fit with any potty and you don't have to worry about the attachments wiggling or sliding, which could mean pinched skin.

Deluxe Snack & Play Kids Travel Tray

I love the 2 inch rim which keeps crayons contained. The two toy pouches are great for holding exclusive potty training toys. The tray folds up nicely for storage and it's really fantastic to use in the car. A reasonably priced and excellent 2 in 1 - potty chair tray and travel table.

Some manufacturers have begun stepping into that market gap and making snap on trays or surrounding potty tables. There are no potty chair trays to be found on Amazon.com but you might want to try eBay.

Another solution is a snap on potty tray - as it sound, a snap on potty tray attaches to your training chair. I could NOT find one anywhere! Plus if you did find one you have to make sure it's one that FITS your specific chair properly.

Here are online stores that do sell potty chairs with tray - but I have never purchased any items from this site. Hope this helps.

  • http://www.naturesbusiness.com/kids.htm

Even with a tray in place, never leave a child alone on the toilet. Additionally, don’t become tempted to leave him or her on the potty chair longer than necessary because the tray keeps them in place. A child can come to resent feeling trapped, which undermines your training sessions greatly.

By comparison a surround table/tray is a stand-alone unit that’s akin to a desk. These might be made out of light weight press-board or plastic and they slide in place around the basic potty chair. The main problem with the stand-alone potty chair tray is that it’s cumbersome. You won’t be able to haul one around to various rooms of your house. But if you intend to only use it in one space, it may be a good solution for a fidgety child who knows they can push the unit away if they want to stand up freely.

In terms of cost, a lot depends on the direction you take. Plastic systems certainly cost less but you may find it difficult to fit a tray to the potty chair you have. It’s a good idea to consult with the manufacturer of the chair you own to see if they have specified products made to attach securely or look for an all-in-one system from the get-go. You want a potty chair that will grow with your child, and one offering a tray certainly has benefits to child and parent alike.

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