A Potty Doll For Potty Time

Not all potty dolls are created equal,  Here we review some favorites to help you understand how various models work, and if those features will really benefit your little sprout.

Also, many are girl oriented so you might want to select the boy version if available. In our house we mostly just put all the plush animals on the potty but many people in the childcare field feel that the best potty training dolls actually pee, have their own training pants similar to what your child might wear, and a potty chair so that there is a direct correlation to the actions your child needs to take.

I agree that a realist approach makes potty training Montessori style and fun helping children to potty train vicariously. It's also congruent with Dr. Phil's potty training method.

Alongside using a potty doll, you will need to talk with your little about the potty training process. For example, saying that the doll, nor big people, pee in diapers. Walk them through the motions with the doll consistently so they begin making those all-important connections. Mimicking is natural to children – and watching a potty  training doll “pee” can often inspire success on the toilet at the same time. So the only real question is which doll is best? Below you will find a potty training doll comparison.

1. Baby Alive - Pricey but a great product

Baby Alive Wets And Wiggles. The Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles is a doll that appeals to girls who want to feed the baby, change her diaper and enjoy playful laughter. This particular product wets after she’s fed, kicks and laughs.

This very entertaining toy doll comes with a bottle, two diapers, a packet of juice and a dress. Your kiddo can interact with Baby Alive in many ways which makes it a great toy beyond potty training.

The doll does not come with her own potty - so she gets to use your toddler's potty. The product was designed for your little one to have fun changing diapers - but since the replacement diapers are expensive, it's best that the doll gets potty trained at an early stage.

She is very durable and can survive being dropped several times without breaking. Her arms and legs are very easy for toddlers to bend.

The variety of sounds made by the baby are great but but many of us wish for volume control.  The product has a higher price point than other comparable products. This one is around 40 dollars  but there are higher end versions for 50 - 60 dollars from Amazon that pee and poo. They say 30 phrases and come with a variety of accessories but no potty.

2. Drink and Wet Doll

Melissa & Doug Annie - 12" Drink and Wet Doll is touted as being a great bath time toy, which is ok but most parents don’t want their child peeing in the tub.

The gingham dress, bonnet, bottle and potty chair definitely target young girls. There’s also a pacifier and a diaper. Some parents object to the pacifier if they have already disconnected their child from that. At 19 dollars this is an inexpensive potty training doll.

The age of the baby doll would be rated as an infant – meaning it may be very difficult for a toddler to relate it to potty training. While the doll itself may be a fun toy for young girls wanting to change diapers and “feed” a baby, it really is not a training tool. She can’t sit well on the toilet and pees immediately after drinking, which isn’t natural to a child.

3. Little Mommy Princess and The Potty Doll

Little Mommy Princess and The Potty Doll is designed to inspire role playing using sounds and words along with a cup and hand sanitizer. The potty doll can sit next to the adult toilet to mimic everything you’re endeavoring to teach your daughter. Note, however that the little mommy potty training doll does not really drink or wet. Also, the legs on the doll are very hard to bend, that the potty top isn’t durable, the toilet talks (not the doll) and this is not an anatomically correct potty train doll. Nonetheless, parents like it even if it’s only to become a toy.

4. Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby Doll

14" Baby Doll (Paul Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby) or the girls version with pink accessories Emma Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby Doll

The Les Classiques Emma and Paul are baby dolls that drink, wet, take baths and smell like vanilla!

Parents like the soft nature of the baby, the fact that her eyes close and that she can wear a variety of nursery accessories made by Corolle (but these are sold separately). The doll is meant more for long-time enjoyment than potty training being 14 inches in length.

Paul and Emma are anatomically correct potty train dolls and pee on demand if you strictly follow the directions -- otherwise it's best to provide the liquids while they are already on the potty. As toys they are excellent but as a potty training tools it's not always effective. It looks like a baby and sometimes that can be counter productive for parents who use "you are a big girl/boy" as encouragement.

5. Potty Baby Dora

Fisher-Price Ready for Potty Baby Dora. Dora tells a child when she has to go, and when successful Dora sings. There’s an accompanying storybook too. The reviews for Dora are mixed. Parents say that the doll is not secure on the potty. The button for peeing is in her chest rather than when the doll sits on the toilet (again an odd choice). Results have been likewise mixed.

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