Potty Elmo Sound and Song Books

Potty Elmo books with songs and sounds can bring a little music into the potty training experience.  You may even find them useful as your toddler will be more willing to stay on the potty for longer times because they have an activity to engage them during this time. And books are much easier for your child to take with into the bathroom then potty training videos. Over anything Elmo is a great potty training motivator, as long as your toddler likes this Sesame Street character.

Elmo's Potty Time Play-a-Song Book. This book’s goal is taking some of the stress out of potty training. There’s a six button sound module that plays six songs. The pages have lyrics so both you and the child can sing along if they wish. Of course, having potty Elmo as the star doesn’t hurt the attraction for children.

Recommended for children 18 months of age and up, the songs in the book are simple enough to remember and understand. They stress using the potty like a “big kid”, recognizing the signs that it’s time to go to the bathroom, hand washing and wiping.

Generally speaking parents have had good things to say about Elmo’s Potty Time, with the exception of some arriving with dead batteries and the overall shortness of the book.

Elmo's Potty Time Play-a-Song Book is a board style book costs about $9.00 at Amazon.

Sesame Street: Potty Time with Elmo (1 2 3 Sesame Street) - This Elmo product is recommended for children over the age of 18 months, the potty Elmo book’s icons match the sound buttons. This allows your child to look at a page then choose the right button to activate a sound. It’s worth noting that matching/sorting games have been shown to stimulate critical thinking skills in young children so there’s an added benefit to this product beyond its use for toilet training.

Parents who gave Elmo good reviews say that the book improved their child’s overall interest in the potty. Elmo talking through the story seems to be a real draw for kids. Some parents mention that the book might be too long for young children, and some felt that the lack of any pictures of Elmo on the toilet was a real weakness.

Sesame Street: Potty Time with Elmo (1 2 3 Sesame Street) is another board style book (which tend to hold up longer than your standard paperback). It’s priced at about $9.00 like the Play-a-Song book. This product has seven audio buttons so that your child can add sounds and voices to the story of Elmo who is trying to teach his doll (Baby David) about the potty.

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