Potty Patty

A Potty Training Doll For Toddlers

Potty Patty steps in as a fun way to introduce your toddler to potty training with less fuss. From the child’s perspective the Patty potty doll, is a toy but for you it’s a tool.

I think of a potty training doll as a visual aid. A little munchkin can see exactly what’s supposed to be happening in the bathroom. Of course you don’t need to use a potty doll as a visual aid, you can model the activity your self however not every one is comfortable with that and this can sometimes be a challenge for when there is a difference of gender. Plus, Sweeties can also use the doll themselves to play-act the process they’re learning, which acts as a great reinforcement. 

What’s in the Potty Patty Kit

The doll potty training Patty Potty Kit comes with the doll that can drink and wet as desired. The great thing here is that you don’t have to worry about Patty leaking. You can take her to go potty when you and your little one is ready for training moments. The doll is anatomically accurate, and wears a diaper with an easily removed two piece outfit. In addition to this, the kit includes two bottles for feeding Patty her water, three “Big Kid” doll underwear. There is also a parent’s guide to using the doll effectively.

To the left is a link to a Patty Kit with DVD which is actually less expensive then the one with out.

What’s Nice About Patty Potty Doll

  • Both doll and toddler both switch to training pants at the same time.
  • Toddler's potty training pants look like Patty’s to further a strong association.
  • The training pants offer high absorbency without losing the wet sensation that encourages the desire to change (and stay dry).
  • Munchkins can pull the training pants up and down easily.
  • This toddler underwear stands up to a lot of wear and tear with no fading or raveling.

The Problems With Patty

However I'm giving the Patty potty doll a mediocre review compared to other available potty dolls.

  • The price for potty training doll Patty is higher than some other well-known brands. The Delux Potty Patty kit averages around $60.00. The doll alone is about $40 retail, and extra training pants average $10.00 depending on the size.
  • For the potty doll to urinate you have to squeeze it very hard which results in water running out the head, neck and other doll joints and possible questions from your child.
  • Getting water into the potty doll properly is difficult even for an adult.

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