Potty Power

The concept behind the Potty Power training DVD is to motivate toddlers to use the potty. This entertaining DVD training program is filled with lots of action and 3D characters that kids will love to watch. And, by watching the characters, your child will also learn how to use the potty properly and finish off with proper hygiene.

The DVD features entertaining music videos and stories that capture the attention of kids while teaching them step by step how to use the potty. It first caters to their natural hesitation to use the potty by showing them that it's actually a fun exercise.

Parents are encouraged to let their toddlers watch the DVD every day, as many times as possible, so they can start to mimic the actions that are highlighted by the characters.

In most cases, kids end up feeling like "big kids" because they are able to accomplish potty use on their own. The self-confidence that is built is enough to get your child into the idea of using the potty. Now, perfection won't always be achieved overnight, and accidents will happen, but what's important is that your child is learning along the way.

Whether you choose the the DVD version for Boys and Girls or the Pirate / Princess DVD for helping your toddler potty train, you can expect to get good results because both are interactive and easy to relate to for your little darling, thanks to the animated characters, lively music and fun games your kids will enjoy.

BE AWARE: the tunes are quite catchy and easy to hum so they might sticking in your toddlers head, or worse - yours!

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