Potty Scotty

The potty training doll Scotty

The Potty Scotty potty training doll fills an important gap in potty training dolls in that it’s for a boy. The doll comes with training pants, feeding bottles and it’s anatomically correct boy potty training doll.  The manufacturer made the 16” doll in such a manner that it can urinate sitting or standing (so it can mimic your child).

This particular potty training doll does not require batteries and is bath-friendly. The potty training pants can be used on the same day you first put your son into some so they match.

Parents who bought boy potty training doll like the facts that it's an anatomically correct potty train doll. While the doll may leak a bit if not fed correctly, a simple squeeze of his thigh to release the water given to the doll. You might want to feed the baby yourself so it’s ready as needed – that decreases the leak issue and also makes the tool ready for use as needed.

The price point is higher than some other options but the anatomy seems to be the real “seller” here.

The Potty Scotty Doll is $ 39.95 at Amazon.com

 Parents recommend keeping the doll clothed so that the child’s process of teaching the doll matches what you’re doing at home.

On the negative there have been reports of leaks in the doll’s seams. Additionally:

  • the feeding bottles do not seem to fit accurately, leading to dribbles (and an extra chore for mom and dad).
  • It takes about 20 minutes for an adult to feed the doll because of the leakage.

Overall this product does not seem to fulfil its price compared to other products of this nature. I don’t like when high priced product illustrates poor manufacturing. 

Overall Scotty potty training dolls for boys don't meet the expectations and I would definitely recommend the MD Potty Monkey instead -- despite lack of anatomical correctness.

Having said that, some children may LIKE potty training doll Scotty and sometimes that’s what makes the difference between successful potty training and failure. So let your child guide you a little on this. If possible go to a store demonstration and see how he relates to the doll. That reaction is a key element to the overall choice in potty training products.

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