Potty Seat

Contemplating a potty seat for your toddler? Here is what we know from parents and their little darlings who have test driven the merchandise.

If you’re about to potty train your toddler, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the number of different types of potty training seats from which you can choose. Good news! On this site you’ll find overviews, information and reviews of a variety of toddler potty training seats and you’ll be able to pick the best potty training solution for your lifestyle and your child.

We are very mobile parents and often go on the road with our little darling
be it for a vacation, shopping, visiting grandparents or whatever.

Our Portable Seat has made it possible to take potty training on the road. Here is what criteria to look for when you are buying one and we also share what we worry about most while traveling.

A Folding Potty Seat is also ideal for families who travel frequently and easier to stash away in your purse. Here is what to avoid and models recommended by parents.

When potty training at home a Flip Seat makes things more convenient for the whole family while a Soft Seat makes your little darling very comfortable indeed. Get some pre and post purchase advice, find out what other parents recommend and let us tell you what common mistakes to avoid.

Our Favorites

Baby Bjorn Potty Trainer:  dependable and functional for our lifestyle. We bought two, for each the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. Here are the pro's and con's.

Potty Training Seats: here are five potty training seats that made it into the final round - any one of them is an excellent choice - now its just a question of aesthetics, price and personal preference.

Not Our Favorites ... if

When parents are beginning to shop for a toddler potty for their child, they have a lot to think about. You need a training tool that supports what you’ve taught thus far and helps your child take that final step away from diapers.

Avoid Ginsey Dora soft potty ... if you are parenting a boy or have an elongated toilet.

From Toddler Potty to Potty Training Seat

Potty Training Seat: Once my toddler was fairly well potty trained (at least around the house) I  was ready to switch from a toddler potty chair to a toilet trainer/ toddler seat for the toilet. Here are some tips and tricks I learned along the way.

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