Potty Shield

A potty shield is one of the potty training aids available for boy toddlers. Having one lessens the amount of clean up for parents (very often moms, at least in our house) and also gives boys greater confidence in their newly learned skills. When you’re looking to add one to your entourage of potty training tools, there are several on the market.

With my toddler in mind,  I have researched and reviewed Flippee the Toilet Shield and Potty Shield. I share my results to give you an idea of what’s available and the different features.

Both these products offer good quality workmanship and a simple system to help your boy become more successful in potty training. They are also mommy friendly in terms of keeping the bathroom much cleaner. Whether you choose one of these potty training aids, or something else altogether, may simply come down to which one your toddler prefers. Both the Boy Shield and Flippee the Toilet Shield are solid possibilities for potty training aids.

Flippee the Toilet Shield

Flippee The Toilet Shield retails for around $23.00. The system consists of flexible plastic, suction cups, a drip lip and a handle. The plastic allows the shield to fit on adult toilets, even with different shapes. The shield rotates around the suction cups, and the drip lip keeps any excess off the floor when you go to store the Flippee away.

Parent reviews have been very positive toward this product. The system helps greatly with distracted toddlers. I like the fact that the handle makes it portable so that the toddler can experience success without mess anywhere.

My favourite part is that it goes on the toilet quickly, cleans up easily and fits into nearly any bathroom décor.

In terms of negative feedback, some parents felt the shield was too fragile and other found it doesn’t fit their toilet well (as per the product claim).

Potty Shield

The Potty Shield easily converts a toilet to a urinal for boys. This Boy Shield retails at $20.00 making it competitive with Flippee. I could not find one on Amazon but they are available online at Potty Training Concepts for $19.95.

This potty training tool was designed by a mom then professionally engineered to be flexible and light, fitting most toilets. As with the Flippee, the Boy Shield improves the sanitary condition of bathrooms.

Parent reviews for this product are very favourable. As with the previous product I enjoy the simplicity and functionality. And I also appreciate the fact that it helps give my toddler a greater confidence while also lessening the need for on-going cleanup for me.

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