How To Potty Train In One Day

Fast Track Potty Training Methods For Your Little One

Whether you potty train in one day or plan on potty training in 3 days or a week let us give you all the details on how to potty train with all the fast track potty training techniques available. Fast-track potty training is not a gradual process that takes place over several months. Those are methods engineered for parents that want to get rid of diapers NOW.

The concept of potty training in one day was first published almost 40 years ago. Since the 1970s the method has had a revival with the support of TV psychologist Dr. Phil and has been featured on many television shows and magazines. "Toilet Training in Less then a Day" is the source of inspiration for several other variations that are trendy at the moment: 3 day potty training, potty training bootcamp and Teri Crane's "Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day". All these potty training techniques claim that potty training can be fast and relatively painless when parents commit to the process suggested.

Potty Training Facts For Potty Train In A Day

Results of potty training boot camp techniques are mixed. Many little darlings are now going potty successfully after previous attempts at potty training have flopped. Lots of parents find this approach significantly more challenging, but are still very pleased with the swift results.

Some parents report that their little darlings became so distressed, they had to give up potty training altogether and wait weeks before starting over with a different approach.

A 1977 study, one of the very few randomized, controlled potty training studies, juxtaposed Azrin and Foxx’s “toilet training in less than a day” system to Dr. Spock's According to the study, Azrin and Foxx’s potty train in one day was considerably more effective, successful and resulted in less potty training accidents. Participants found Azrin and Foxx’s method more useful then other methods. Studies report between 74 - 97 percent success rates a week following 4 hour potty training.

However, n a commentary posted recently by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Kiddoo (University of Alberta pediatric urologist and a mom) points out that no method has ever been adequately studied.

Four Core Elements of Fast Track Potty Training Techniques

1. Quit cold-turkey, no more Diapers and no pull-ups. Once you take away the diapers and put underwear on your child and never go back to diapers. There is no room to compromise if you want to potty train in one day technique to work. You have to stay firm and not give in - not even when your LO begs, sobs and employs other endearing techniques.

2. A block of time often referred to as "Potty Boot Camp" devoted only to potty training and watching your child like a hawk. Potty Boot Camp can range from 4 hours to 3 days depending on the method applied.

3. Salty snacks and sugary drinks that are offered all throughout training. This will create lots of opportunities for the child to (hopefully) successfully use the potty.

4. Going ballistic with praise and rewards after a success.

Potty Training Aids

Here are all of the potty training tools you will need to potty train in one day or three:

  • A potty doll that wets ( in the 3 day method this could be replaced by modeling the behavior your self).
  • Potty training clothing -- big boy/big girl potty training underwear (instead of diapers) its best if they are loose fitting.
  • A potty chair - an easily portable potty chair is best or one with the removable bowl as the child will be participating in cleaning it up. (I would suggest this part is optional as it might get messy).
  • Lots of liquids to drink for your child

Salty snacks encourage more fluid intake and more potty practice opportunities. Having your LO drink at least 8 ounces (one cup) of fluid every houris is much more achievable if you combine all the offers of drinks with salty snacks. Alternatively offer Jello and Popsicle for variety.

Get at least a dozen of these potty training underwear as you can expect lots and lots of potty training accidents. The potty training underwear should be a bit large so they are easier to pull up and down. Time enough for tight ones later when she has more skill.

Planning For Potty Time

This is important - entirely devote your time to potty training. Make no other plans. Eliminate distractions and focus on the potty with potty-themed books and talk.

If there are other siblings in the household, arrange for a relative or friend to watch them during potty training.

When to Potty Train

Summer is best for potty training children since your child can just wear potty training underwear. If you are potty training in winter keep your house warm or dedicate a special kid potty training room with a potty chair. On potty day, have underpants only on the child’s bottom. The authors of "Potty Training in Less then a Day" suggest the kitchen -- it should be large enough to play in, and relatively easy to clean up as you will have potty training accidents on the floor.

Potty Time Rewards

You will begin potty train in one day with some very intense reactions to every success. Jump, wave and cheer. Praise your LO for every little potty training thing they do right. Praise every single element that has to do with the potty. If a child walks to the potty, points to the potty or sits on the potty - PRAISE.

How To Potty Train: 10+ potty training techniques. Is this not the right potty training style for you? Use our "What's your Parenting Style" guide to select the best way to potty train for you.

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