Potty Training 3 Year Old

Difficulty Potty Training 3 Year Old? How To Potty Train, Tips And Potty Training Help For Child Potty Training With The Naked, Bare Bottom Potty Training

Potty training 3 year old can also be very frustrating, especially if it doesn’t seem to be working out as you anticipated. On some days, it may seem like your little one is getting the hang of things, and in another breath you have difficulty potty training and it may seem like all your efforts have gone completely unnoticed!

The Right Age To Potty Train Naked

Dr. Barton Schmidt, author of My Child Is Sick!: Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries , specializes in pediatric medicine and is the mastermind behind Bare Bottom child potty training, or Naked Method. This method is geared at children who are over 30 months old, and who haven’t exactly grasped the concept of going potty even after three months of attempted potty training. For parents who have difficulty potty training and already tried 3 year old potty training without success, and have now gotten to a stage in the child's development where it's absolutely crucial that the young one learns to potty, the Bare Bottom child potty training method may just be the solution.

Naked Potty Training 3 Year Old

The basic premise behind the Naked / Bare Bottom child potty training is that kids really don’t like wetting themselves. They get cranky and miserable when they have to walk around in wet diapers, and according to Dr. Schmidt's theory, potty training 3 year olds is difficult because they aren’t allowed to roam free without diapers.

With the Bare Bottom child potty training, kids are allowed to walk around without diapers or any other protective garment with the aim of picking up the natural instinct to use the potty. The method specifically targets potty training 3 year olds who have used the potty several times with the assistance of parents, but can't seem to grasp the idea themselves.

Dr. Schmidt believes that if they are allowed to run around without clothes for a few hours, they will quickly figure out the process of going to the potty when they have the urge to expel.

How To Potty Train: Working it out at Home

Parents interested in 3 year old potty training will need to reserve at least six consecutive hours at home or elsewhere where the training can take place. Most kids respond to the training in that first six-hour session, but others may require additional days for training, so be prepared to schedule the time.

When 3 year old potty training it's best to find a room or a play area where your child can roam around without much distraction. It's also best to choose an area that's easy to clean because when you strip your child of all clothes and protection below the waist, you can expect pee and potty training accidents anywhere and everywhere! A kitchen, playroom with no carpet or even an outdoor space may be ideal.

Allow your child to play while making lots of fluids accessible to encourage the need to go potty. At all times, keep the potty within easy access so your little one will know it is there. Remember this method is ideal for parents who have accompanied their kids to the potty several times, so the little darlings will already know its purpose.

The difference with this potty training 3 year old method is that you wouldn’t be encouraging the child to use it. In fact, you shouldn’t ask your child to sit on the potty at all.

Just express a cheerful and loving countenance, as your child plays bare-bottomed! The freedom of the activity is what helps children recognize what really ought to be done. Be prepared to clean up every ounce of mess without showing frustration or scolding. Eventually, you will realize that your child develops a sense of consciousness about the process, and starts to pay attention to what you tried to instill so many months before - how and where to pee.

At the end of the day, many parents have reported experiencing a feeling of complete liberation for them and their children. No longer do they have to accompany the child to the potty, and no longer does the child need to depend on them for assistance or prompting. Full potty independence can definitely be achieved with this method, if you have had difficulty potty training in the past why not give potty training 3 year old naked a try?

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