Potty Training 4 Year Old

Many parents worry that if things continue as they are their little darling is going to miss their first year of school.

Are you still potty training 4 year old? Or your 5 year old? You are not alone.

As kids get to the preschool age of four and five, they start to get involved in all sorts of activities. After all, this is the time for interaction with other kids their age, and it's generally an exciting time for all of them. What this means, however, is that they’re now paying less attention to functions that they should have mastered by that age. One prime example is potty training. Kids who start preschool without being fully potty trained will need to pay extra attention to this task so it doesn’t get overlooked in the midst of everything else going on.

Potty Training Punishment

The first thing you should note is that it's never a good idea to punish your four year old if there is an accident. Punishing will almost always result in resistance to the training and subsequently progress will be stalled.

Even though you may be disappointed or frustrated that your preschooler hasn’t mastered the potty just yet, your best bet to get it right is to hide your true feelings in her presence. Just treat the accident casually and clean up the mess as if it isn’t a big deal, then express to her your confidence that next time she'll make it to the bathroom before the pee comes down. That approach will likely yield more positive results than if you were to scream and shout.

Potty Training Reinforcement

A good idea that serves as reinforcement is to remind your little darling that anything they do is doing can be paused for a few minutes if she feels the urge to pee. Remind them that whatever they are working on or playing with will be there when they get back so it's important to take the break to avoid an accident. Engage them in the discussion by asking her if she thinks she can take the break and then listen to her answer. She may be more cooperative than you expect!

Potty Training 4 Year Old: Wet & Dry

Now, as a parent of a four year old still going through potty training, you should ensure that you don’t allow your child to wear pull-ups or any other types of absorbent underwear. At that age, your child should be made to feel the discomfort that comes with peeing in their pants so they're aware that it's not something they should be doing at that age. Dress your four year old child in regular underwear so if there's an accident, he or she will notice the discomfort.

At four years old, it should be much easier for your child to conquer the whole potty training thing because kids at that age are naturally more intuitive and respond well to signals. Just remember, however, that it's your role as parent to support your child in the event the natural intuition does not kick in right away.

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