Potty Training a Boy with Toys

Toys can be a big help when potty training a boy. Potty training dolls for boys are one of those toys some parents turn to as a way of illustrating “big kid” toileting processes. There are not a lot of boy potty training dolls however. That means that parents have to do a little more leg work to determine what doll is best for the family lifestyle and their child’s tastes.

Here are our two recommended  toys

Potty Monkey $27

Corolle potty training doll $40

Potty Monkey by Potty MD. is a relatively unique training tool. The critter has a timer, it talks (to ask to go to the potty) and sings uplifting songs that support a positive attitude.

When the plush animal want's to go potty it says things like: I need to go potty. lets go potty. or I really need to go potty. Come on let's go potty.  And once on the potty it has a repertoire of around seven sentences like: Great job! I'm going potty, are you?

The design is such that your child teaches the monkey to go potty using the flushing toilet. There’s also a story book and a parental guide for any questions that may arise. It was developed by a Pediatric Urologist.

Parents who praise this product remark that it seems to really encourage stubborn boys relatively quickly. The “cute” factor was a plus as well as the fact that it’s not a baby doll, which improves the appeal.

Some parents find that:

  • The monkey’s tail gets in the way – hey, it’s tough being a monkey : )
  • The monkey’s timed requests can become over-the-top for children with short attention spans.
  • the potty that’s included is a tad small for the doll
  • the battery compartment isn’t concealed well – leading to it being easily torn out.
Corolle Les Classiques Special Feature 14" Baby Doll (Paul Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby) pees when you squeeze his belly. He’s fed by a plastic bottle and likes to play in the bath with your kiddo.

As an anatomically correct boy potty training doll, he also has a disposable diaper, potty and pacifier. The manufacturer recommends it for boys over the age of three, which some parents find a little late.

  • Paul doesn’t come with any clothing - we think he should.
  • We fin that the: bottle opening isn’t the right size
  • The neck sometimes leaks
  • This potty doll urinates without any tummy pushing

Overall, when it comes to toys for potty training a boy our vote goes to the cuddly Potty Monkey.

Again, each child is unique. Just because one style worked for a friend doesn’t mean any guarantees here. Definitely keep your son involved in your choice of potty training toys. The one to which he responds best is typically the one that will help the most and encourage success. 

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