Potty Training Age

The potty training age varies depending on social conventions, expert's opinion and your location. Parents in countries where there is no easy access to diapers start potty training somewhere close to the first birthday. Even in the U.S. low income families and single mothers have their little darlings potty trained between the age of 12 and 18 months. And Infant potty training (you are not actually training in the conventional sense – more like conditioning) can start on day one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics argues that before the 18 months of age children are not able to control their bladder and elimination and does not recommend potty training before your munchkin is 18 months old.

How, one must then wonder, were 95 percent of children potty trained by 18 months before the 1940's if they were not able to control their bladder and bowel movements?

US children start potty training around 3 years of age, and less then 70 percent of little darlings are toilet independent by 36 months. When both parents are working and disposable diapers are so convenient it’s easy to defer potty training until a later date – until schools require potty-trained toddlers, that is. Plus, at least one expert firmly believes that potty training before the child is 3 years old is hazardous to their health.

What Happened Between the 40's and Now?

Why where almost all little munchkins potty trained by age 18 months while today we start to wonder when to potty train as our child approaches preschool?

  • Disposable diapers became affordable and available.
  • Women entered the workforce in large numbers.
  • The washing machine and diaper services became an alternative to hand washing cloth diapers.

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