Potty Training Aids

What you will need for potty training

Here are 5 essential potty training aids and 8 potty training tools for your little munchkin. You won't need everything, but you might want some of those items to help you breeze through potty training.

Obtain the items only once you have your methodology planned out as not everything will be congruent with your approach. Your final selection will also depend on the gender, age and personality of your little sprout.

5 Essential Potty Training Aids

How do you make potty time easy for you and interesting for your toddler? If you’ve begun potty training it’s likely you’ve also perused 101 different resources to help this transition go smoothly. We have polled parents and came up with a list of potty training aids and tools your toddler and you will find useful.

1. Potty Chair

You have a plethora of choices with travel potties, wooden potty chairs, simple potty chairs, musical and travel potty chairs

1. Potty Seat

Some parents prefer to skip the potty chair and go for a toilet seat reducer. It eliminates the need to empty the potty but you might want to supervise the potty training sessions in case your little sprout decides to get off on his own.

2. Step Stool

Super handy to use with potty seat and great for reaching the sink when hand washing. Not to mention it's so much easier on my lower back.

3. Car Seat Cover

We got two, just to be on the safe side and avoid having to worry about it. They are about 7$ each - so quite a bargain for a peace of mind on long car trips.

4. Training pants

You can go directly for regular underwear or try some with protection like vinyl potty training pants, and plastic potty training pants. At least some protection might be best for your furniture.

5. Mattress Protection for Nighttime

I definitely recommend investing in one of those potty training tools before going diaper free at night. But that's just me. I love sleep and appreciate no fuss solutions in the middle of the night.

Potty Training Tools

By  to specific intervals, the alarm signals the time when your toddler should independently go potty.

1. Travel potty

2. Potty training watch

By setting the watch to specific intervals, the alarm signals the time when your toddler should try going potty. Here are more potty watches that we did not get a change to review yet. Leave us a Facebook comment below if you have any product advice or preference.

3. Nighttime
training pants

4. Potty training targets

5. Potty training videos & DVDs

6. Potty training book

7. Potty doll

Potty training chart

8. Potty training kits

9. Bedwetting alarm

Throughout the potty training process many parents find themselves looking for a variety of helpmates to make the transition fun and less stressful for everyone. Potty training tools give you the opportunity to give your child a little extra attention while working on something fun.

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