Potty Training at Night
Must Haves

If you feel your child might be ready to take a leap forward into potty training at night, an obvious question comes to mind. What do you need for night time potty training? The answer to that question depends a lot on the independence level your child exhibits and how well they’re doing with daytime potty training.

Potty training mattress covers

There is a real consensus that the first thing you should invest in is some sort of potty training mattress covers. Parents who opt for cloth training pants would do well to get one of these that’s machine washable. In fact, get two so you have a dry one handy while the other is in the washer. Here is a look at a few popular toddler mattress cover options for potty training at night.

Serta Deluxe Waterproof Mattress Cover

This is a fitted cover made from 100% quilted cotton.

Parents who purchased this product did so not only for night time toilet training but also to safeguard the crib from leaky bottles.

Parents report the cover is very soft and comes out of the washer fluffy and bright with no signs of shrinkage. 

Average price $18.00

American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Quilted Crib Mattress Pad Cover

Like the Serta mattress cover, this is a quilted mattress pad.

There are no dyes in the product. It can be machine washed in cold water (no bleach).

Parents who purchased this cover report that it stays in place securely and exhibits high quality workmanship and durability.

Price Point: $32.00

Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats

Made from soft material with great absorbency, each has an adhesive that secures the mat to the crib mattress in the area where your child’s bottom resides when they lie down.

Parents who used this product often carry them as a portable option to a full-size bed cover. Everyone reports that the adhesive is VERY sticky, and sometimes difficult to get off the mattress. Others noted that the pads sometimes rip during the night, leaving a bed wet.

Price averages $1 per mat. Not recommend for children under 3.

There are certainly other items that  you could put on your list for what you need for potty training at night. Some parents want waterproof pillow covers or duvets, for example.

Child Potty or Potty Seat

By day or night most parents opt for a child potty chair that either stands alone (so it can move to different areas of the house) or attaches to the adult toilet.

Stand-alone chairs offer the benefit of no loud flushing sound that scares some children.

You can also put this type of chair near to a child’s bed so they can reach it quickly when woken up by nature’s call. In particular, parents with deep sleepers may want to try this approach.

The main advantage of an attachable child toddler  chair is that it gets children focused on the family toilet rather than a “toy” sized version.

An attachable chair gives children greater security on the toilet (they don’t feel like they’re falling in).

In buying that potty chair – let your child get involved in the process. From buying to set up – get them excited about this new tool that supports their independence. Write their name on it in thick marker! If you’ve opted for the adapter version, you’ll want to get a stool for the bathroom too. This is for safety and ease of getting up and down quickly.

Pull-UPS Or Training Pants

A third handy item for potty training at night are a good supply of disposable, pull up style pants. These are far easier for a toddler to manipulate so they can undress on their own. When a slip-up happens, cleanup is a snap (and there’s no soaking bed sheets!). Some parents opt for cloth training pants because a child can feel when she’s wet more readily. There is no “right” or “wrong” choice here, and you may want to try both to see what works best.

Shopping for Night Time Potty Training Items

Depending on your situation other potential potty training at night tools include:

  • a calendar sticker where the child can track progress (put this in the bathroom or the child’s room so it’s private but still a visual aid.
  • bedwetting alarm - help train your child to recognize the various “signals” that they need to go potty.  

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You Will Most Certainly Need A night Light

A red night-light is best as nighttime exposure to any color of light, other than red, causes significant interference in melatonin production. Red light is the only kind of light that does not disturb melatonin creation. 

Melatonin is a hormone made and secreted only at night and is essential for the synchronization of sleep and circadian rhythms.

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