A Potty Training Book Or Two

For Parents, Toddlers, Boys and Girls

A potty training book or two is the perfect potty training aid. All the books we review can be found on Amazon.com either used or in mint condition.

There are two 2 types of books.

  • First type is of books on potty training: manual for parents type that offers help, tips and methods on potty training. Basically a "how to potty train" book.
  • The second type is the potty training book for toddlers. When parents are beginning potty training they often seek out books to give their little darling a feel for what to expect in the process. This sometimes splits further in to potty books for boys or girls. Your little darling will see the protagonist successfully going potty and will be enticed to model the behavior.

Here are honest book reviews to help you selected wisely a volume that will hold your child's attention and make a perfect candidate for reading again and again.

Many of the books are child sized and perfectly adapted to keep your little one busy while going potty.

Potty Training Guide

So You Can Go To The Potty, by William & Martha Sears - a potty training guide for both parents and little darlings. It's gender neutral so it's perfect for potty training girls and potty training boys. We like the bathroom wall poster with 7 stages of potty training for your little one to refer to.

Books on Potty Training: Here is an overview of the 3 coolest potty training guide books, I selected ones that represent different potty training methods.

Potty Training for Dummies: I give this potty training tome a lackluster review for a variety of reasons. Find out what you can expect from this potty training guide.

Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

Once Upon a Potty: our likes and dislikes about this book by Alona Frankel. I personally like that it does not imply that diapers are for babies and only “big” boys and girls use the potty.

Where's the Poop?

This lift the flap style book uses animals to show that every creature have a specific place to poop including children. I appreciated the humorous element. The book itself is hardcover but not as sturdy as some other similar tomes – the flaps tear easily. Overall the consensus is that it’s not a book that can really act as a stand-alone trainer, but might work in conjunction with other tools. 20 pages all told; Price point: $8.00

How to Potty Train Your Monster

I like the images of the monsters as they learn potty training basics - adorable! It’s the type of book that appeals to both genders equally, and at one point the monsters even move into underwear, abandoning the diapers. The only criticism is that some of the material may be too complex for very young trainers (the recommended reading level is age 2-5).

Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books)

Potty is a $7.00 hard cover potty training book that has very simple illustrations and words. The reading level probably suits a young trainer (~2 years), but parents may find it frustrating for the lack of text. The toddler in the book does not want to go in the potty but the book does end with the child moving into underwear successfully.

A Potty for Me!: A Lift-the-Flap Instruction Manual

This book has just the right balance between words and images, with good pacing. The interactive flaps engages children, and the mother in the story is understanding and supportive even when mistakes happen. This may help a child overcome potty anxiety, worrying about getting it wrong rather than focusing on when they do get it RIGHT. Also the book only mentions pee, not poo and may be better for girls who sit during the process.

Best Books For Potty Training Boys

Sometimes when potty training children you need some help that’s specifically targeted for a child’s gender. That’s where Potty training books for boys come into the picture. If the girls get Princess books, then boys likewise can enjoy books that help them learn about the potty. Here are several titles that may interest you.

The Potty Book for Boys, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli - an excellent potty training aid with potty training chart and potty training sticker chart. SPOILER ALERT ;) The main character in this story is Henry who starts out in diapers and ends with a proud, successful Henry being applauded by his parents.

My Big Boy Potty, by Joanna Cole receives rave reviews from both parents and little darlings.

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty: A Potty Training Lift-the-Flap Story by Wendy A Wax, Naomi Wax and Stephen Gilpin

The pages are coated for easy washing and the illustrations pop with bright colors. The book is easy for children to understand and even little girls seem attracted to the topic despite that none of the people in the book, save for a doctor, is female.


Pirate Potty by Samantha Berger and Amy Cartwright

For boys not really interested in firefighting, perhaps a pirate motif would capture his interest (think Pirates of the Caribbean for the bathroom!). Like other theme potty training books, this one comes with reward stickers and a perfect captain’s hat. The book measures 8 x 8 so it should fit in your son’s hands comfortably.

Super Pooper!: A cute story on how to bring fun and laughter to potty training., by Monika Sloan, Mike Motz and Jason Fain 

This 24 page book sells for about $8.00. It offers lively illustrations, a cute story, animals that help teach about the potty, and a superhero theme to improve your son’s confidence. The wording remains simple, and opens the door for conversation about using the potty.

Best Books For Potty Training Girls

Obtaining potty books for girls is easy. The trick is finding the right potty training book for your child’s personality and your personal style of toilet training. 

The Potty Book for Girls, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli - great for potty training beginnings with our favorite feature, chart and stickers.

My Big Girl Potty, by Joanna Cole receives glowing reviews from both parents and little munchkins.

Princess Potty, by Samantha Berger and Amy Cartwright 

The book comes with reward stickers and a tiara fit for, well, a princess! The book’s writing tackles training in a step-by-step manner, complete with princess style language (saying “farewell” during flushing, for example). It also reviews necessary elements of good hygiene in the bathroom. Little princesses loved the whole idea.

Now I'm Growing!: Princess of the Potty - Little Steps for Big Kids! by Nora Gaydos 

We like the fact that it talks about the transition into underwear, along with potential accidents and trying without results. The story was well-written for two year olds, offering a breakdown of every step for training. And like all fairy-tales, it has a happy and successful ending. Overall, we have nothing but praise for Princess of the Potty.

Big Girls Use the Potty! by Andrea Pinnington

For girls not overly interested in Princess motif, Big Girls Use the Potty provides a rhyming story (which is a good mnemonic tool), reward stickers and a reward chart. This is great for goal-oriented children (note there is a version for boys too). It comes with bear stickers :)

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