Potty Training Boy 101

What you Need to Know Before You Begin

Here we tell you exactly what it is that you need to know when potty training boy. Everything from especially designed potty training tips for boys to the importance of choosing a boy potty.

It is absolutely fulfilling watching little darlings develop through the different stages. They are full of so much life and energy, and are also extremely curious. That sense of curiosity is what makes it possible for them to learn new things like using the potty or toddler urinal. But while they have the natural instincts to catch on to concepts, things may not always happen right when you expect them.

And that's why it might help if you knew a few extra things about potty training boys. Here's a look at some tidbits of information that can help you understand a little boy's learning mechanism:

1. Boys aren’t girls. Experts will point out that girls develop most of their skills well in advance of boys of the same age – but the differences are so marginal you should not take them personally. Still you definitely shouldn’t be comparing the progress of your son with your neighbor's daughter or son! Every child learns at a different pace so just be patient if it seems your son is taking a little longer to learn that you think is ideal.

2. Switch equipment if necessary. Remember that as boys grow older, they eventually stop urinating in the seated position and instead start standing like grown men do. With that thought in mind, don’t feel discouraged if you have to train your son with both a potty and a toddler urinal. If he doesn’t seem to be adapting to the potty quickly enough, feel free to get him started with the urinal. There are little target practice drills you can do with him so he can develop a better aim.

3. Choose the right boy potty.

4. Positioning is important. Now whichever boy potty you choose to teach him on, you need to pay keen attention to his positioning. If you're putting him on a potty, make sure his penis is pointing straight down before sitting on the potty chair. Otherwise he might pee over the edge of the potty. If there is a splash guard make sure he is careful not to hurt himself on it. If you're training him on a urinal, position him directly in front of the potty with his feet apart. That position allows him to keep his balance and also get a good aim at the urinal.

5. Lead by example. In a lot of cases, little boys can readily pinpoint which grownups are in their likeness. As such, they see what grow men and older boys do, and endeavor to adapt what they see. With that thought in mind, it would be a good idea to have dad or big brother show the little one how to pee into the bowl or urinal. Without pressure, encourage your toddler boy to do what he say the grownup male do and see how easily he responds. It might not be right away, but it will eventually happen.

There's so much more you can learn about potty training boys. A lot has to do with their personality and natural instincts, so don’t fight nature. Instead, work with what you have and in time, you and your little son will get the results you want.

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