Potty Training Boys

Tips for potty training boys - What you need to know about boys, best boy potties, what to avoid, creative ideas to motivate and interest your little darling in potty training.

What You Will Need

Potty Training a Boy: here is exactly what it is that you need to know when potty training your toddler. Everything from especially designed potty training tips for boys to the importance of choosing a boy potty.

Boy Potty is a pivotal item to purchase as little boys get to the stage where they start toilet training. What to look for, what to avoid and what to consider when selecting one for your little darling.

Potty Training For Boys - THE GUIDE. 6 easy ways to get your little man interested in potty training.

TOYS for potty training a boy -  Potty Monkey and others.

Potty Training Tips For Boys

Toilet Training Boys: Creative ideas for toilet training boys - here are some potty training tips for boys sent in by parents.

One thing you will likely be able to determine from the get-go is your son's personality! As a parent, you will easily be able to identify your little guys likes and dislikes so use our tips as guidelines and always adjust for the needs of your toddler.

Potty Training Boys Sitting or Standing?

A Boy's Potty

A customizable item and a reward system included

Potty Training Urinal

What is it? Do you need it? How to choose it and what are other parents using.

How To Potty Train Boys: Questions and advice from parents - should I train my toddler to use the potty sitting or standing? What techniques to use and what works best.

Finally, you can now allow your toddler to display complete independence by handing over all the functions involved in using the potty. These functions include pulling down the pants and underwear, getting on the potty or toilet, pulling tissue from the roll, wiping properly, disposing of the tissue, flushing and cleaning up. You will notice that you've greatly assisted with these processes in the past and now it's time to relinquish your involvement.

3 Fun Potty Training Books For Boys

As with girl’s training books, your choice in potty training books for boys needs to focus on something to which your son relates and will enjoy over several re-readings. Take your time and look around. There are options, one of which is sure to be just right to support your family’s efforts.

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty: A Potty Training Lift-the-Flap Story by Wendy A Wax, Naomi Wax and Stephen Gilpin

When little boys look to heroes, a firefighter is certainly one. So what better way to encourage a boy to use the potty than to see some of his favorite heroes in action? Be it a zookeeper or policeman, the flap book reveals them each stopping to go potty after asking, “where did he go?” There is a level of silliness involved, which is good to relieve a child’s tension (not to mention their parents).

Pirate Potty by Samantha Berger and Amy Cartwright 

The text tackles toilet training in a step-by-step adventure style. When the child in the book talks, it’s using pirate wording. Not all parents felt that it would really be useful for explaining the process, but they did feel it improved excitement about at least using the potty. The writer makes potty training sound fun, provided the reading level is good for your child. 24 pages – price point $6.

Super Pooper!: A cute story on how to bring fun and laughter to potty training., by Monika Sloan, Mike Motz and Jason Fain

Overall the review for Super Pooper is positive. The idea of your toddler becoming a super pooper is appreciated by parents looking for a motivational (and fun) tool that also fosters the imagination. A few readers were not impressed or found their child didn’t really maintain interest – so it really depends on whether your son likes super heroes and can translate that idea into his success in the bathroom.

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A potty shield is one of the potty training aids available for boys. Having one lessens the amount of clean up for parents (very often that's mom, at least in our house).

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