Potty Training Chart

A potty training chart help bring the whole potty training process into greater focus. Up until this point your munchkin has spent their whole life in diapers. They haven’t had to stop and think about elimination. Realistically the bathroom had little significance in their lives. Hang one on the refrigerator, on the bathroom door or post it prominently in a spot where your child will see it regularly.

1. Obtain a potty chart. You want something that really captures their attention – perhaps one featuring a favorite cartoon, movie or story character. You can find pre-made potty training sticker charts at most stores that carry children’s clothing and supplies or get one from Amazon for about 8 dollars.

There are several type of potty training reward stickers on the market for your consideration.

My Potty Reward Stickers: Potty Training Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training has 120 stickers in bright colors for either boys or girls. The images and words on the stickers all relate to toileting. Price: $8.00.

• There are also My Potty Reward Stickers: Potty Training Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training that have 72 pieces and includes a potty training certificate for completing potty training. Price $13.

• The Sesame Street Potty Training Rewards Kit is very similar in structure, pricing out at $11. The nice part about this kit is that it offers stickers for various parts of the training process including washing hands, telling mom or dad they have to go, and flushing.

FREE Potty Charts -- printable potty training charts from the Potty Training Concepts store.

2. Most important is the immediate reward for success. 
Some charts come easy to use stickers that act as a reward for successful behavior. If you’ve printed out a potty training reward chart, however, you may have to get a little more creative. Perhaps the child can color in a square after a successful potty trip. Or, buy some no lick reward stickers of your child’s choice to use instead.

3. Reinforce a sense of pride and achievement.
At the end of a given period (day, week) sit with your child and add up the successes and celebrate somehow.  That can come in the form of a reward. Potty training rewards ideas:

  • Treats like cream or candy
  • An activity like going to the zoo or their favorite park.
  • Alternatively you can set specific objectives. For example, after ten or 15 successes the child can pick out a small toy.

Try to keep these goals reasonable based on your child’s progress with training.

Tips for potty training: It’s easier to start with a training chart on a weekend (or any group of days when you don’t have to leave the home much). On day one, wake them by taking them to the potty. If they successfully go – get out that first sticker and let them apply it. If not, still applaud their effort – remember potty training is as much about routine as it is learning physical control and awareness.

After the first endeavor – ask regularly throughout the day if your child feels like they have to go to the bathroom. Even if they say no, see if you can get them to try anyway (make the time between attempts consistent).

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