Potty Training Clothing

Onesies and footie pajamas are not the most practical potty training clothing. Most baby clothes have not been designed with elimination communication in mind. The open snaps of the onesie sometimes dangles in the toilet not to mention are difficult to maneuver open. We purchased and received several super cute items but we needed more practical baby clothes for the project we wear undertaking.

Swiftly getting your little darlings clothes off when the need arises makes infant potty training more realizable. Don’t despair, you can still use “normal” baby clothes but its good to mix in a few ECing items, especially for home use.

Where to Shop

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Practical Potty Training Clothing

Don’t become overwhelmed – set aside some time in a day for your baby to wear ECing clothing or decide to use a number of training pants a day. What ever works for you and your family.

  • Cloth training pants or tiny underwear
  • Knee socks or leg warmers
  • Split Pants (or Split-Crotch pants): common where bare bottomed babies are an everyday sight.

We found that knee socks or leg warmers facilitated the potty going process and made for a smoother ECing experience.

The nice thing about knee socks and leg warmers is that they cling to the baby’s body. They go on and come off far more quickly than pants. And if you want to go diaper free you can combine these with a hip length shirt and keep baby warm and cozy. Leggings are especially convenient for crawlers as it protects your child’s knees while they explore, while socks are great for toddlers who wear shoes regularly. If you’re tired of constantly pulling up your child’s socks, add the leg warmers over them and keep the socks firmly in place. This is a great method for winter particularly, adding layers of protection from the cold.

Most of us enjoy “cute” or coordinated clothing, so you’ll be happy to know that Elimination Communication clothes like leg-warmers and socks come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. From rainbow hues to polka dots, baby animal designs, holiday scenes and cartoon characters, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect and may even match your nursery theme! Better still, many manufacturers are making these items out of natural fibers that are soft on baby’s sensitive skin while still “breathing”.

You will find potty training clothing great for a wide variety of living, traveling or playing conditions.

But you don’t need to rush out to the store and stock up on potty training clothing, - all you need is a potty or equivalent. Split pants, knee socks and leg-warmers are "oh so cute" and can make things easier but they are NOT indispensable for potty training success.

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