Potty Training Constipation

Potty training constipation occurs when children who are at the potty training stage have resistance or reluctance to bowel movements. Potty training and constipation is a common combination. The reasons vary from child to child however it is a regular cause of potty training regression for may toddlers so its best to react as soon as you discover the this potty training problem.

Potty training can be a significant learning experience for both parents and toddlers! As toddlers learn how to use the potty instead of making a mess, parents learn that there are many different potty training problems that could slow down the progress. One such element is potty training constipation, which lots of toddlers going the through the potty training phase will encounter.

5 Most Common Reasons For Potty Training Constipation

  1. Some children fear letting go of the comfort of wearing diapers or training pants because there is emotional and mental pressure to learn a new way of eliminating.
  2. Others are used to eliminate in diapers. They have been eliminating in their diapers since birth - the actual sensation of the poo falling away is completely different from what happens in the diaper, so it can end up being a little scary or intimidating.
  3. Some toddlers simply aren’t able to make a bowel movement on the toilet because their diet doesn’t include enough fiber or fluid to make the process simple and pain-free. Imagine a toddler holding back because they fear it will be painful, which is what happens when the diet lacks fiber and fluid.
  4. In other cases, young ones are really afraid of the big, bad toilet, especially because it has a huge bowl of water that goes into the unknown when the flushing action occurs.
  5. Using the toilet might be a tense time for kids because of their fear of the toilet, and the tension can cause the anus to seize up, thereby preventing your child from having a bowel movement.

As you may know, the longer it takes to pass poo, the more difficult it becomes over time because it changes texture and becomes harder. The same situation occurs for children, so imagine the added difficulty if the bowel movement doesn’t happen when it naturally should!

5 Ways To Avoid Potty Training Constipation

Here are some answers that will best help your children at the potty training stage to overcome the difficulties and eliminate normally:

  1. Make sure enough fiber-bearing foods and fluids are included in your child's diet. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, and your child should be eating them anyway. Lots of water or clear juices are also good to help make the waste matter soft and easy to pass.
  2. Engage your child in lots of physical exercise, which also helps to make the bowel movements regular.
  3. Allow your child to get used to the sound and action of the toilet flushing so they're no longer afraid of it. Allow them to listen to the flushing sound from far away, and then gradually bring them closer. Hold them in your arms while you flush so they can see there's nothing to be afraid of. Eventually, they will be able to stand next to the toilet and flush it themselves without feeling fearful.
  4. Encourage relaxing, engaging activities while your child is on the toilet so their mind isn’t set on the action of elimination. Singing songs they love, doing puzzles, playing games or reading their favorite book can all help to engross them so they're not too focused on what's supposed to happen in the toilet.
  5. Providing love and encouragement is a great way to help your child overcome any anxieties or fear that may be preventing them from having regular bowel movements. Just saying things like, "You can do it" or "It's okay, mommy is right here" can help to reassure them that there's really nothing to fear.

Potty training constipation is just one of the many hurdles you may have to pass as you help your child through the potty training process. Just be sure to provide all the support you can and not allow your child to feel shunned because they aren’t able to get it right the first time. Remember that not every child potty trains at the same time and with the same techniques. Use what works for your child!

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